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This is the to-do-list for UEFer after the Lunar New Year holiday

After a warm Tet holiday, from March 1, the students at Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance (UEF) will officially return to the university and prepare for the new year.

It will be a thrill when meeting their lecturers and friends after many days apart. However, to be wary of the complicated developments of the past epidemic outbreaks, it is necessary to seriously take preventive measures to ensure safety for yourself and those around you. Besides, UEFers also needs to bear in mind the important factors to maintain and promote the culture of UEF.
Students returning to school to study need to ensure their compliance with disease prevention regulations.

Always be proactive in the prevention of COVID-19

UEFers returning to the university should seriously implement measures to prevent the complicated development of the epidemic.

It is necessary for those returning from provinces with case records to comply with the provisions of the Ho Chi Minh City Center for Disease Control (HCDC) under the guidance of the Ministry of Health on epidemic prevention issues. The information about instructions on isolating and testing people from other localities to Ho Chi Minh City is constantly updated on the website of the Ho Chi Minh City Center for Disease Control (HCDC) at   

Log in to UEF’s account to make a medical report on the page, inform the NCOVI App about the schedule for Tet as well as install the BlueZone at to be alerted to the risk of COVID-19 infection.

UEF takes measures to prevent disease when students return

When going to the university, UEFers need to take a temperature measurement, always wear a mask, wash hands often before eating, after doing activities that have contact with many people; ensure hygiene in the area of study, living, etc.

Taking preventive medicine measures is the responsibility of every student

Also, it is essential to keep distant in contact with lecturers, friends, and people around. If having a cough or sneeze while communicating, standing near a lecturer or friend, UEFers should cover the mouth with a towel, hands, and look away; avoid gathering with friends except for important problems. 
Medical report to control disease situation after Tet

Putting the health of the students first, there are specific actions from UEF: cleaning before students return, disinfecting frequently in places that are exposed to a lot such as door handles, etc. UEF also recommends that if students have a fever, cough, or shortness of breath, stay home, inform UEF immediately or contact the hotline of the Ministry of Health for advice, examination, and treatment.

Joining hands spread the culture of studying in the lecture hall 

When returning to study, UEF’s students need to show the correct behavior, strictly abide by the school's regulations: neat and polite clothes; wear a student ID card; no smoking, using stimulants, causing fire and explosion on campus; be on time, focused, and do not do personal stuff during the lectures.
UEF’s students are ready to learn in the new year

At the same time, prove yourself a civilized student with positive actions with lecturers, friends, a sense of general hygiene in the school space, no littering, no arbitrarily moving, causing damage to school facilities, preserving the common property of the classroom. 

All members of the UEF Family, let's work together to build a healthy, civilized and modern learning environment. Wishing you a new year with lots of health, peace, and success.

Quy Nguyen
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