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UEF delegation visits and works at Open University Malaysia (OUM)

DECEMBER 6 - 8, UEF delegation visited and worked at Open University Malaysia (OUM). The visit featured the attendance of Dr. Do Huu Nguyen Loc – Vice President, and Mr. Le Dung – Director of Department of Academic Services.

UEF representatives paid a vitit to Open University Malaysia (OUM)

During the meeting, UEF representatives and OUM leaders discussed the academic programs that have been and are being offered, as well as implementing new orientations.
In the coming time, the two universities will strengthen students and faculty exchange  to improve the programs quality, and to provide the human resources professionals for each party.
Besides, UEF representatives had chances to participate in specialized training courses to gain knowledge in teaching and learning techniques through digital platforms, content development and curriculum design techniques, writing teaching modules, quality assurance, marketing communication, and so forth.

The visit set the stage for expanding the cooperation between UEF and OUM

Previously, UEF leaders and lecturers had many opportunities to go abroad to interact and promote international academic cooperation with UCL University College (Denmark), Kanazawa Institute of Technology (Japan), International summit with the theme “The next big thing: Addressing new opportunities and existing challenges in APAC Higher Education” in Jakarta, Indonesia, etc.


Established in 2002, OUM is among the top 7 universities in Malaysia in terms of quality programs, providing high-quality professional staff for national and global education. During this visit, UEF lecturers toured OUM's facilities, libraries, digital learning repository, etc.

The visit and working session of UEF delegation at OUM opened up many opportunities for academic cooperation between the two universities. UEF’s untiring perseverance in expanding cooperation with the world’s top universities is following the modern educational trend and contributes to accelerating the international-standard training model.


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