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UEF exchanges cooperation opportunities with the world's largest bank


MARCH 15, UEF had a working session with representatives of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) in Vietnam. Internship programs and international activities for students were discussed at the session.

The ICBC representatives included Mr. Wu Ya Jun - Human Resources Director of ICBC Hanoi City Branch, Ms. Nguyen Thi Nam - Human Resources Supervisor of ICBC Hanoi City Branch, and Mr. Zou Wen Zhi - Officer of ICBC Ho Chi Minh City Representative Office.

On UEF’s behalf, there were Dr. Nguyen Thi Lan - Deputy Dean,  Faculty of Languages and International Cultures, and Mr. Huynh Quoc Phong - Director, Center of Corporate Partnerships. 

UEF and ICBC aim to sign a cooperation agreement in the future.


Regarding this bank, Mr. Huynh Quoc Phong offered insights into work-integrated learning experiences for students. Particularly, the fixed internship program for UEFers at both domestic and international enterprises was also emphasized. As China is one of the nations offering UEFers internships, the working session with ICBC has opened up opportunities for future cooperation on this program.

As a Chinese enterprise, ICBC representatives also expressed their commitment to support UEF Chinese Language students in interning at the bank after signing a cooperation agreement. In terms of student activities, UEF and ICBC can collaborate to organize various programs such as workshops, talk shows, etc., aiming to enhance students’ understanding of corporate culture.

Details about the internship program and student activities were discussed.


After the working session, ICBC representatives expressed their hope to establish long-term and stable partnerships with UEF in the future. 

It is worth noting that ICBC, headquartered in Beijing, is renowned as the biggest bank in terms of overall assets, not only in China but also the entire globe. ICBC is also one of the Big Four state-owned commercial banks, which is the four largest banks in China.

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