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UEF: Exquisite Actions In Covid Period


These days, it is widely seen that UEF lecturers and students seriously wear masks, maintain screened, clean hands,... to prevent Covid-19 pandemic. This raises positive values to community.

Particularly, at Ho Chi Minh City, citizens are officially forced to wear masks in the public spaces to slow the spread from August 5th. At the same time, administrative punishments will be imposed for disobedient individuals. 

It is reported that all staffs, lecturers and students stuck to the rule on the first day of wearing masks at UEF. 

Here are beautiful photographs to express the consensus, self-awareness and earnestness of UEFers in the anti-pandemic fight.

At this time, face masks are must-have items of each resident as well as UEFers in the public settings

Lecturers and students are screened in the parking lot.

UEFers also concentrate on antiseptic hand wash

Lecturers do not even “leave” their masks in the classrooms, offices or on grading student assignments

Optimistic smiles are behind the masks of UEF janitors
Original News: Kim Bang

Images: Media Team

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