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UEF gets ready for World integration

Proactively embrace the world integration, the HCMC University of Economics and Finance (UEF) is constantly expanding international partner network to bring more beneficial programs to learners.


 As a member of UEF, you will have your own privileges, especially in enjoying various international programs.

Connecting to the world through international exchange programs

In friend list of a UEF student, it is not uncommon to sort out quite a lot of international friends. 

The number of international exchange activities in UEF are virtually countless

 As we interviewed a series of students, we all received a common response. Through the international activities of the University, UEFers have gained themselves a diverse network with students from Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Japan to the United States, England, Canada, and so forth. The lovely friendships have been nurtured right here, under the roof of UEF.  

UEF is the only school in Southeast Asia chosen by the University of Pittsburgh to implement Plus 3

At UEF, Plus 3 - exchanges with students of the University of Pittsburgh (United States) is one of the key programs in implementing the internationalization strategy of the University. Along with many academic exchange programs, welcoming students from all over the world (USA, UK, France, Switzerland, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, to name a few) to come and study at UEF has reaffirmed and enhanced the international identity of the university.

Overseas study: ’top-notch’ activities now organized regularly

Each academic year, UEF organizes overseas students to study, exchange and practice to enhance their professional knowledge and international experience. The United States, Germany, Hungary, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia and many more are the countries where the UEF Family footprints have come to study during the past years.

UEFers travel around the world for more learning experiences

Through a series of international semester programs, short-term exchanges, student exchanges, transfer abroad, UEF students have a wide range of selections to consider the right program to "cross the sea". Furthermore, students also receive countless enchanted scholarships from partner universities and enthusiastic support during their study abroad.

Bring ‘home’ international programs

For many years, our UEF home has been rated as one of the few prestigious universities for training high-quality human resources, providing young students with good integration, meeting all 4 factors. "Skills - Knowledge - Thinking - Attitude".

This is not only the improvement of the training program highly-qualified lecturers, but also from the effort to expand partner maps around the world to strengthen international programs.

In addition to the bilingual program, UEF students also have two options for UK international bachelor's programs at Gloucestershire University (UoG) and Leeds Trinity University (LTU) with the following majors: Business Administration and Marketing, English and Linguistics, Hospitality and Tourism Management, International Business.

UK Bachelor's and Bachelor's dual degree programme are the two outstanding "study abroad right at home" programs in UEF

Moreover, UEF students also have the option of studying a dual degree program. You can choose a dual degree program from UEF and City University of Seattle (United States) or University of Centria (Finland). When you graduate, you can receive a Bachelor's degree  from UEF and UEF’s international partner at the same time.

The plus points of the international bachelor program

+ Study entirely in English with the number of no more than 25 students / class.

+ International learning environment, improving skills, combining practice, creative thinking and problem solving

+ UEF teaching staff recognized by partners and professors and doctors of partner schools directly teach

+ Frequent exchanges with international students

+ Opportunity to receive 100% International Scholarship in the UK, the United States and France

+ Expanding opportunities to improve qualifications in UEF and internationally

The ideal destination for foreign students

Not only building a multicultural and dynamic environment for students, UEF has also become a university that attracts international young people to study and research.

As usual, at the beginning of each semester, UEF welcomes foreign students to study at the school, from Laotian students to Korean, French, Danes ones and so forth.  

International colors at UEF are highlighted by the participation of students from various countries around the world

The reception of international exchange students is always well prepared by the University. Prior to the arrival, the school's experts always kept in touch and provided a lot of information about studying and living environment in Vietnam for students. Thanks to that, most international students are able to face up differences while first set foot in a new environment.

“When I received the news that I would be an exchange student to study in Vietnam, I was both happy and worried. However, UEF teachers have been very enthusiastic about sending study schedules and notes, helping me not to have many difficulties when coming to Vietnam ”. Pierre Chevalier - student of Burgundy University School of Business (France).

Borkner Simone and Nielsen Sofie - Students of Lillebaelt Academy University (Denmark) all affirmed: “UEF lecturers teach and communicate in English enthusiastically, helping us to effectively acquire new knowledge . Thorough answers are always provided if we have questions. The UEF students are very energetic and friendly. You have helped us a lot in the classroom and in learning and exploring Ho Chi Minh City. ”

After each semester in UEF, international students have gained more impression and love for teachers and friends, which will contribute to strengthen the cooperation relationship of UEF and its partners.


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