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UEF - Leeds Trinity University MOA Signing: A new step in partnership

JUNE 14 - Following 3 years of online discussions due to the pandemic, UEF and Leeds Trinity University (LTU) had an in-person meeting to reach a consensus on cooperation and bolster undergraduate programs, aiming to bring students positive learning effectiveness.

The two universities had the face-to-face meeting after three years of cooperation and online exchange
The meeting, on behalf of UEF, involved Mr. Do Quoc Anh – Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees, Dr. Do Huu Nguyen Loc – Vice President & Director, Ms. Huynh Tu Anh – Deputy Director, Ms. Tran Phuong Quynh – Assistant Director, Mr. Hoang Tran Quang Duong – Academic Services Manager, from UEF International Institute, Dr. Nguyen Ha Giang – Dean, Faculty of Information Technology, Dr. Huynh Nhut Nghia – Vice Dean, Faculty of Business Administration, Dr. Nguyen Thi Lan – Vice Dean, Faculty of Languages & International Cultures, Dr. Phan Bao Giang – Vice Dean, Faculty of Public Relations & Communication, Dr. Duong My Tham – Vice Dean, Faculty of English, Mr. Vu Anh Sao – Vice Dean, Faculty of Law, Ms. Nguyen Vuong Hoai Thao – Vice Dean, Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism Management, and Ms. Nguyen Thai Ha – Vice Dean, Faculty of Economics.

Mr. Do Huu Nguyen Loc delivered his opening remarks
Prof. Philip Hodgson – Dean, Faculty of Social and Health Sciences and Interim Dean, Faculty of Business, Computing and Digital Industries, Mr. Sam Booth-Malone – Director, Academic Quality and Standards, Ms. Lisa Williams – Director, Global Engagement, Dr. Katie Lupton – Lead for Academic International Partnerships, Academic Course Leader Bachelor of International Business, and Mr. Nam Pham – SE Asia Regional Manager Noble Solutions, represented LTU.

Prof. Philip Hodgson and Ms. Lisa Williams shared some LTU information
UEF and LTU exchanged and shared information to better understand each other after short videos regarding their partners. Although both parties had previously collaborated three years ago, owing to the rampant coronavirus infection, they finally reached the Signing Ceremony, marking a significant watershed in the two universities' strategic collaboration.

Representatives from the two parties signed the MOU
Two sides came to collaboration agreements, promoting Student Mobility, Faculty Mobility, educational and research activities. Moreover, UEF representatives expressed their desire to sign an MOA on the  2 + 2 Articulation program in Business, giving UEFers the green light to study at LTU in their last two years.

LTU representatives took a campus tour and interacted with UEFers after the Signing
In addition, UEF and LTU conducted an extra discussion on enhancing study programs, addressing students’ problems, and providing them with academic assistance.

Faculty members from both parties discussed the academic curricula
Dr. Katie Lupton offered a comprehensive overview and detailed information on session planning and teaching at level 6 through several issues, encompassing Bloom’s Taxonomy, Critical Thinking, Academic Misconduct, and Third party plagiarism - taking action. Additionally, she discussed distinctions between feedback, review, and comment, suggesting optimal methods for encouraging students to give their own feedback.

Dr. Katie Lupton presented session planning and teaching at level 6
Furthermore, Mr. Sam Booth-Malone illustrated issues related to the Office for Students and the Academic Quality Office. Concerning the Office for Students, he touched on the review of blended learning, revised conditions of registration, and Teaching Excellent Framework (TEF). In particular, skills and qualifications improvement, education quality and standards, grade inflation and the credibility and reliability of higher education qualifications, apprenticeships and long-term loan advantages must be prioritized. As for the Academic Quality Office, he emphasized external examining, essay mills, and programme annual reviews.

 Mr. Sam Booth-Malone presented issues related to improving academic quality
Given the successful Signing between UEF and LTU, both sides’ cooperative relationship has been fostered to the fullest, showing the faculty members’ deep concerns toward learner-centered education in optimizing the educational effectiveness to its full potential, and allowing UEFers of the LTU Undergraduate program to engage in fun-filled entertainment and novel academic activities in years to come.

News: Quy Nguyen
Photos: Thai Son - Nguyen Vo
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