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UEF leverages the strategic partnership with the University of Gloucestershire – UK


The UEF leadership delegation’s recent working trip to the United Kingdom has unveiled numerous prospects in the UEF’s effort toward internationalizing education. The most notable achievement includes enhancing strategic collaboration with our longstanding educational partner, the University of Gloucestershire.

Expand academic programmes with trending majors

During the meeting and working session with the University of Gloucestershire School Board, both sides engaged in deeper discussions regarding various cooperative initiatives.

Building upon successful collaborative programmes in the fields of Business & Marketing Management, English Language & Linguistics, International Business Management, International Hospitality & Tourism Management, and Communications & Media, in 2024, the two institutions will advance the implementation of new academic programmes such as Logistics Management and Accounting-Finance. This initiative aims to provide students with increased opportunities to pursue contemporary careers, meeting the evolving demands of the current economic landscape.

Numerous collaborative programmes were discussed during the meeting between the UEF leadership delegation and the University of Gloucestershire.


It is worth noting that the two universities have extended the long-term collaboration agreement aimed at fostering the advancement of UoG's educational programmes in Vietnam. This agreement offers various benefits, including programme accreditation, professional development opportunities, and faculty exchanges to uphold the quality of education.

On this occasion, the UEF representatives also extended congratulations to the University of Gloucestershire’s new Vice-Chancellor.

Dr. Kieu Xuan Hung, Chairman, visited and sent encouragement to UEF students studying at the partner university


According to Dr. Do Huu Nguyen Loc, Vice President and Director of UEF International Institute, the University of Gloucestershire holds a crucial position as an international strategic partner of UEF. Over seven years of collaboration, UEF has demonstrated its strengths with numerous graduates. This recent business trip conducted by senior leaders served as an opportunity for both institutions to further strengthen their collaboration across various aspects. Additionally, the working trip also successfully secured several beneficial agreements, paving the way for new avenues of international cooperation initiatives.

Enhance learning experiences and development for both lecturers and students

Through this enduring and sustainable partnership, UEF and UoG will introduce numerous high-quality learning and development programmes for faculty members and students.

The collaborative bachelor's programme with the University of Gloucestershire has attracted considerable interest from candidates

The organization of cooperative academic activities, such as seminars, lectures, joint student assignments/projects, is significantly enhanced, along with faculty visits and other faculty collaboration. Additionally, both institutions foster student exchange, field trips, and the development of international mobility programmes. Mutual promotion of each other’s postgraduate taught courses is also emphasized.

Furthermore, a noteworthy feature of the collaboration agreement between the two sides is the scholarship arrangements for UEF’s top 3 performing students to pursue their final year in the UK. As one of the few institutions in Vietnam to achieve the international standard of 4-star QS Stars with top-notch international cooperation initiatives, UEF has made significant advancements in global educational integration. Through strategic collaboration agreements with the University of Gloucestershire, international academic programmes will continue to expand, thereby enhancing the quality of learning and teaching experiences for both students and lecturers.

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