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UEF Offers Diversified Choices Based On Internationally Prestigious Programs.

The government expresses great concerns in the policy in which not only overseas students are welcomed to return and learn in their country but also soon-to-be international students stand a better chance of learning while suffering disruptions caused by the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. With 352 international affiliate programs in Vietnam, both students and their parents are offered more diversified academic learning choices. 

Articulate programs that are established based on the model of 2 plus 2, 3 plus 1 with UEF’s partners, are regarded as one of the most “exclusive right” of UEF’s students. Due to the fact that the curriculum has been accordingly qualified, students will have about 2 to 3 years learning international or bilingual programs first, then there is a myriad of chances for them to transfer to be students of UEF’s partners in the US, UK,...


Thus, there is a myriad of choices of learning in worldwide environments among continents from Asia, Europe to America,. According to personal preference, students can choose which countries will be the best fit for heir condition. 


Besides, students also have many major choices in the articulate program such as 

Business Administration, International Business, Accounting, Banking and Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, English Language, Travel and Tourism Management, Hotel Management, Japanese Language, Language Korea,…


Regarding the on-site study abroad program, UEF is currently a partner of Gloucestershire University and Leeds Trinity University. Almost all students who choose to join this program also shared the hope that they will have more chances to learn by English, resulting in having better career opportunities. 

During the schooling process, there are frequent learning and interacting activities with professors from partner’s universities and exchange students in order to shed light on the UEF students’ worry on certain issues regarding culture, indigenous citizens, knowledge acquirement, shared languages, skill practice, confidence in communication,...

Deciding to study the international affiliate program is definitely beneficial to students.  The reason for this is that they so far can dream of their big dream to not only receive an international certificate qualified by Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training but also make substantial cost and time savings when adapting in a new foreign culture, living environment, weather,...especially this current crisis of Co-vid 19.


Being a bilingual-training university, UEF puts great concern in boosting students’ English competence with a 100% English curriculum which is considered as “speciality” exclusively for strong students in the foreign language. 

This curriculum not only facilitates students’ access to international learning standards in a 100% English dynamic environment but also is well-known as an advanced training program demonstrating the US training programs in which students can be supported by experienced lecturers graduating from the other corners of the world. There are also field trips at enterprises or sharing, discussing sessions from leading experts in their fields which are implicitly combined in the curriculum. 


Furthermore, students can receive diplomas from CityU University (The US) or Centria University (Finland), overseas opportunities, or 1-semester internships in foreign countries. 

Under the fluctuation situation, making decisions in which the international environment would fit best students’ circumstances is definitely accurate to prepare for better yet safer prosperity in the long run. For international programs, UEF accepts admission with high school transcript until August 31st. 

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