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UEF promotes international internship opportunities in the USA for students


AUGUST 29 - the Center for Corporate Partnerships and the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management at UEF, in collaboration with Viva Consulting Service Joint Stock Company, successfully organized the workshop "International Internship and Employment Opportunities" with its first topic: Paid Internships in the USA.

This is an opportunity for UEFers to experience a one-year international internship at 4-5-star hotels and restaurants in the USA. Therefore, UEFers currently pursuing the hospitality industry can consider participating in this meaningful program.

UEFers receive the internship opportunity at high-end restaurants and hotels in the USA

As a university following the international education model, helping students develop comprehensively and soon become global citizens, UEF has consistently sought and expanded its international partnership networks over the years. In addition to numerous meetings, exchange programs, and semesters abroad in many countries worldwide, UEF also facilitates opportunities for students to participate in a substantial international internship. Currently, over 50 students have successfully pursued internships in Japan, and in the near future, the university plans to send more qualified students to the US for the same purpose.

UEF representatives express their gratitude toward VivaGroup for providing international internship opportunities in the USA for UEFers

Attending this workshop were Dr. Ly Thien Trang - Vice President, Board of Management, and Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management; Mr. Huynh Quoc Phong - Director, Center of Corporate Partnerships; Ms. Nguyen Vuong Hoai Thao - Deputy Dean, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management; Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Loan - Deputy Director, Center of Corporate Partnerships; along with faculty members from the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management as well as UEFers.
The workshop also had the honor of welcoming enterprise representatives: Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Uyen - Chairwoman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Viva Consulting Service and VivaGroup, Ms. Lai Thi Ngoc Bich - CMO of VivaGroup, Mr. Nguyen Phuc Trung Nghia - Sales Manager of Viva Consulting Service, along with several staff members.


Dr. Ly Thien Trang thanked the enterprise for giving this international experience to UEFers

Commencing the program, Dr. Ly Thien Trang emphasized: “With today's fiercely competitive labor reality, equipping oneself with knowledge and skills is essential. Besides, enhancing foreign language competency and international experience is also a crucial factor. Therefore, UEF places great emphasis on internationalization in its training program. These internships, exchange programs, semesters abroad, etc. are valuable assets, facilitating strong competitive advantages for UEFers when seeking a job after graduation.
At this workshop, Mr. Nguyen Phuc Trung Nghia also disseminated a lot of information about the internship and settlement programs in the USA. Accordingly, the benefits are clarified to stimulate the learning spirit of students. This opportunity becomes even more enticing as students can earn a monthly salary of up to 60 million VND while interning. The high rate of post-internship employment, along with the opportunity for settlement in the world's leading economy, is a goal that many students aspire to, and now it's within their reach. 


VivaGroup representatives shared the US internship and settlement program details with students

With both language proficiency and honed professional skills, UEFers from the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management are promising candidates for this international internship program. By choosing to seize this opportunity, in addition to their attractive salaries, UEFers also get to practice their English, exchange and learn about Western culture and travel through various U.S. states. This experience helps them expand their international network and, most importantly, further enhances their skills and confidence. All of these factors will help students strengthen their skill set and leave a positive impression when they apply for positions in any country in the future.

UEFers interacted and asked many questions for a better understanding of the international program

With the cooperation between UEF and VivaGroup, we hope that in the near future, many students will confidently participate in this international internship program, similar to their peers currently on their internship journey in Japan. UEFers, seize this opportunity to enhance your skills, enrich your experiences, and build a solid foundation for yourselves before graduating!

Tan Phat
Photos: Khac Tuan

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