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UEF students at University of Gloucestershire Bachelor's Graduation Ceremony

DECEMBER 3 - UEF students took part in the Graduation Ceremony of the University of Gloucestershire (UK), enjoying the unforgettable moment of wearing graduation gowns and receiving international bachelor’s degrees. After 4 years of untiring perseverance, they have excellently completed their studying and developing themselves.

A special musical performance at the Graduation Ceremony

The Graduation Ceremony 2022 to reward and honor graduates of the University of Gloucestershire undergraduate programme had the presence of Mr. Pham Ngoc Quang Trung – CEO of Ho Chi Minh City TESOL Association, Mr. Pham Minh Huy – Ho Chi Minh City TESOL Association, and Mr. Truong Hoang Phu Hung – Ho Chi Minh City TESOL Association, together with representatives of enterprises and alumni of the UoG undergraduate programme.

From UEF, there were representatives of the Board of Management, International Institute, faculties deans, lecturers, parents and fresh graduates. 
 Dr. Do Huu Nguyen Loc – Vice President & Director, UEF International Institute -  congratulated fresh graduates of University of Gloucestershire Bachelor's programme

In a solemn atmosphere, Dr. Do Huu Nguyen Loc sent a congratulatory speech to fresh graduates of University of Gloucestershire Bachelor’s programme: "On behalf of UEF’s Board of Management, I would like to congratulate you on your official graduation. After 4 years of untiring perseverance, you finally completed your British Bachelor’s degree. Graduation ceremony is an important day, when you not only enjoy yourselves but also think about the opportunities and challenges in the future. I am sure that the fresh graduates here are fully equipped with necessary knowledge and skills to adapt to the hands-on environment and confidently become global citizens. I hope you can achieve all your plans. I'm proud of you, your family is proud of you, UEF and UoG community proud of you."
Congratulatory message from Mr. Sam Wood – Deputy Consul General, British Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City
Mr. Stephen Marston – Vice-Chancellor, University of Gloucestershire extended meaningful congratulations to fresh Bachelors

In such a meaningful moment, Mr. Sam Wood – Deputy Consul General, British Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City gave a lot of messages, sharings and congratulations to fresh graduates. He hoped that with an international bachelor's degree from the University of Gloucestershire, they could continue to achieve more success, integrate and become global citizens.  

At this ceremony, Mr. Stephen Marston – Vice-Chancellor of the University of Gloucestershire also delivered a congratulatory speech: "Graduation is a defining moment. It marks and symbolises the point at which most students reach the end of their formal education, having gained a strong platform of personal and professional development as young adults. I hope today you will be graduating with a strong sense of optimism, opportunity, and self-confidence. Because you have shown that you can cope with uncertainty, and you can succeed in adversity. You have achieved your academic qualifications in circumstances of exceptional challenge. So your achievement is particularly special. It is a privilege and a pleasure for my University to be able to award our degrees to you today in recognition of all your hard work, all your talent, and everything you have achieved in your studies. Congratulations from all of us at the University of Gloucestershire. Many congratulations. And best wishes for every success in the future.”

 Ms. Tran Phuong Quynh – Deputy Director, UEF International Institute gave the graduation announcement

Duong Le Thuc Nghi, an English Language and Linguistics graduate was awarded for her highest result of the "The Dissertation" thesis

The two valedictorians, Luu Phuc Truong and Le Nguyen Dong Quan, were honored in this ceremony

The second batch of University of Gloucestershire Bachelor’s programme recorded 85 graduates in 2 majors: Business and Marketing Management (59 students), English Language and Linguistics (26 students), in which 14.1% of students graduated with First-Class Honours and 60% got Upper Second-Class Honours.

At the Graduation Ceremony, UEF rewarded graduates with outstanding academic achievements, not to mention Duong Le Thuc Nghi, a English Language and Linguistics major, who achieved the highest result of the “The Dissertation” thesis - 80/100. Additionally, Luu Phuc Truong and Le Nguyen Dong Quan, were honored as the two valedictorians of Business and Marketing Management, and  English Language and Linguistics.  

Luu Phuc Truong – The valedictorian of Business and Marketing Management delivered an acknowledgement speech

Representing graduates, Luu Phuc Truong – valedictorian of Business and Marketing Management major expressed his thoughts: “I would like to express my gratitude to my family and lecturers who supported me and other students in the learning process. When choosing the University of Gloucestershire Bachelor’s programme at UEF, I thought it was a high-quality and necessary programme for me. 10 years after graduation, the acquired knowledge might not bear in mind but the mindsets, skills, and responsibilities that our lecturers gave us will last forever. Besides, the moments with UEF friends will become part of my good memories.”

International bachelor’s degrees and trophies presented to fresh graduates 

Congratulating 85 fresh graduates of University of Gloucestershire Bachelor’s programme

“I am so moved to see my child receive the degree and witness her maturation after the four-year learning journey. I hope my daughter will continue her chosen path. This is the time when she starts to step into the society, so I will always support her own plans”, Ms. Le Thi Doan Trinh, whose daughter was Ho Le Tran Nhi – a fresh graduate majoring in English Language and Linguistics, expressed her thoughts.

“I am elated to witness my son’s maturation in today's Graduation Ceremony. I hope he will always make every effort to gain more experience and become an eager beaver to succeed in his career in the future”, Mr. Cao Dang Sau, whose son was Cao Dang Thang – a fresh graduate of Business and Marketing Management, was pleased to share.

Ms. Nguyen Tran Phi Yen – Director of Partnerships, Beowulf Vietnam, an alumnus of University of Gloucestershire, expressed her feelings at the ceremony

At the significant moment, Huynh Minh Duong – fresh graduate of English Language and Linguistics was touched to say: “Today marks the end of my four-year learning journey at the university. Sometimes, I had to confront pressure from exams and deadlines, yet it was the trust of lecturers, friends and family that drove me to realize what I had strived for. Lecturers and friends gave me much valuable advice and wholeheartedly supported me when I encountered hardships. In the end, I would like to show my gratitude to all of you, who never gave up and always had confidence in yourselves.”

Closing the learning journey, wishing fresh graduates success in their future endeavors with prestigious international bachelor’s degree

With this prestigious international bachelor’s degree, fresh graduates of University of Gloucestershire Bachelor’s programme will take full advantage of intelligence, skills and language proficiency to extend not only beneficial influences over family and society, but also good values that they had at UEF.
UEF and University of Gloucestershire have officially established a cooperative partnership on the UK bachelor's programmes (on-site study-abroad programmes) since 2017. Besides, the two universities have implemented many international programmes, such as  international exchange, student exchange, faculty exchange, etc. 

Carrying out the UK Bachelor's programme, UEF offers 3 main majors, including Business & Marketing Management, English Language and Linguistics, International Hospitality & Tourism Management.

The University of Gloucestershire Bachelor’s programme obtains such notable advantages as the English-oriented academic programmes combining theory and practice; students getting to know practical challenges from distinguished experts and businessmen, learning experience from the leaders of different departments, asking questions about employment opportunities, being inspired to work in international environments. Especially, students have chances to approach comprehensive development, conduct extensive research, and suggest innovative solutions relating to in-depth academic knowledge, practice career in the learning process with foreign lecturers, and participate in exchange programmes with many eminent experts in the world, etc. 

Throughout the conduction of these international programmes, the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and many Professors from University of Gloucestershire have come to visit UEF various times to work, teach and exchange directly with students. 
Nguyen Le 

Photos: Media Team
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