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UEF: Students off from school for one more week to prevent the spread of nCoV

On Feb 6, to ensure the prevention of the novel coronavirus (2019 – nCoV), HCMC University of Economics and Finance (UEF) has given its students one more week off (from Feb 10 to Feb 16) instead of going back to school on Feb 10 as informed, according to the announcement 26/TB-UEF.
UEF has also deployed a plan to prevent the spread of this virus, actively and effectively respond in the school campus:
UEF’s Office of the President has issued decision 09/QĐ-UEF to form a Rapid Response Team. The team’s responsibilities are to create a response plan; inform the situation and guideline to the teachers, staff, and students; actively coordinate with health centers and the authorities to prevent and halt the spread of this virus within the school campus.

UEF has deployed a prevention plan against nCoV.
Besides forming a Rapid Response Team against nCoV, UEF also receives information as well as answers and handles nCoV-related problems through hotline: 028 5422 6666 (dial 100), informs students with nCoV news, prevention guideline through text and email.
Moreover, UEF has been equipped with temperature measuring device, sanitizer; disinfected its building; encouraged teachers to wear masks while working and continuously updated the information on the website of the Vietnam Ministry of Health, national news agency, WHO, and UEF network, etc.
So as to take care of your health as well as the community’s and prevent the spread of 2019-nCoV, UEF encourages teachers, staff, and students to follow these steps:
-  Teachers, staff, and students should wear masks when entering the campus.

-  Students should go to the hospital, instead of school, for a checkup if having a fever and/or coughing. Students who had been to China or had contact with people back from China must stay home for 14 days.

-  Besides wearing masks and visiting hospitals when having respiratory symptoms, teachers, staff and students must follow these following steps:
+ Wash hands with soap or alcohol-based liquid regularly, especially after sneezing or coughing.                   
+ Cover your nose and mouth with tissue when sneezing or coughing.
+ Avoid close contact with people having signs of fever or coughs.
+ Consume only clean, fresh and cooked food.
+ Reduce contact with pets, wild animals.

+ Keep pets away from the school campus, classroom.
+ Put garbage in bins and do not smoke.
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