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UEF works with leaders of Global University System, expanding global cooperation opportunities


MAY 03 - UEF held a meeting and working session with leaders from the Global University System (GUS), a network of universities and educational institutions around the world. During the meeting, representatives of UEF and GUS discussed the opportunities to implement international collaborative programs between the two parties.

The representatives of GUS included Mr. Ashraf Jawaid - CEO International and Partnership, and two secretaries. On the UEF side, there was Dr. Do Huu Nguyen Loc - Vice President and Director of the UEF International Institute; Dr. Nguyen Hong Nhung - Deputy Director, UEF International Institute.

Representatives from both sides discussed potential cooperation programs

As an educational organization comprising prestigious universities in the UK, America, Germany, Canada, Singapore, Ireland,etc. GUS provides a wide range of international programs in various disciplines such as laws, medicine, engineering, economics, information technology, etc. These programs open up numerous opportunities for multidisciplinary collaboration.

At the working session, representatives from both sides discussed potential collaborative initiatives, such as international exchanges and articulation programs. Particularly, UEF can collaborate with member institutions of GUS, thereby driving the growth of UEF’s global partner network.

The opportunity to collaborate with GUS opens up UEF’s international partner network 

It is worth noting that GUS was established in 2003 and consists of nearly 30 affiliated universities. With the aim of creating a quality education system, and encouraging research and creativity, GUS was honored with the “Education Business of the Year” award at the 2020 Education Investor Global Awards.

GUS’s representatives visited UEF’s campus


The information exchanged during the session serves as a foundation for UEF and GUS to further discuss and align on potential areas of collaboration. This is an opportunity for students to be exposed to a wider range of advanced education and cultures from around the world.



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