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UEF x Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea: Promoting international programs


SEPTEMBER 15, UEF had a meeting with the delegation from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS), Korea about international cooperation and exchange programs in the near future. For Korean Language students in particular and UEF students in general, the event is a stepping stone to opportunities to experience and study in Korea soon. 

Expanding international exchange opportunities in Korea for UEFers

Welcoming and working with the partner delegation were: Dr. Nguyen Hong Nhung - Deputy Director, UEF International Institute, and UEF International Institute faculty members.

Attending on behalf of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies were Prof. Dr. Kim Jae Wook - Graduate School of Education/Graduate School of KFL Dean, Research Affairs/R&DB Foundation; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jaewan (Ethan) Yang - Dean of International Affairs Chief Editor Korean Journal of Business Administration; and Mr. Wonil Ki - Counselor, International Undergraduate Admission, Office of International Admissions and Management, Advisor to the National Informatics Centre (NIC).

Some ideas for the upcoming international exchange program were discussed

Previously in May, UEF and HUFS had their first working session, marking the partnership between the two universities. During this, an interchange of overviews of both universities and the discussion of study-abroad and student-exchange programs were established in advance.

On this comeback, the two universities decided to cooperate in several projects: Implementing 2+2 and 3+1 articulation programs focusing on Korean Language students and students from other promising majors, such as Marketing, International Business, and International Economics; Organizing short-term programs such as semesters abroad, field trips, cultural exchanges; Planning on co-teaching programs, cooperation on scientific research, and co-organizing international academic conferences.


UEFers look forward to exchange activities with Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in the new academic year

Concluding the meeting, UEF and HUFS reached a consensus on signing a strategic partnership - MOU in the near future to strengthen the relationship between the two universities. This will help students to have a different environment to study and improve their knowledge and skills with international lecturers and friends.

UEF is delighted to have established cooperation with HUFS. Plans for several programs are to be initiated, as some activities are expected to launch in the 2023 - 2024 academic year. UEFers, especially Korean Language students, stay tuned and not miss out on the programs from the International Institute.

Tan Phat

Photos: Nguyen Vo

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