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UEF x Kanazawa Institute of Technology (Japan): Students Team Up for Innovation Workshop


MARCH 11 TO 13 - UEF Center of Project Design Education in collaboration with Kanazawa Institute of Technology (K.I.T - Japan) organized an international workshop themed "Sri's Introduction To Innovation" with the aim of broadening opportunities for students to study and research with international friends.

 UEF had 6 students participating in this program


The workshop was held entirely in English with the participation of faculty members and students from the two educational institutions. Students were introduced to the program's objectives, SRI, and the principles of innovation development at SRI in the first lesson.

Afterwards, UEFers participated in developing creative ideas based on identifying key customers, market needs, customer value, etc. In the afternoon, students presented their proposed ideas individually in the "Value Creation Forum", then received feedback and comments.

The activity was conducted entirely in English

In the following days, students from both universities will work in groups to finalize these ideas. Additionally, they will be equipped with knowledge of new technologies to support the innovation process such as Big data and Artificial Intelligence, etc. 
"SRI's Introduction To Innovation '' is an annual international workshop series organized by UEF Center of Project Design Education (PD) in collaboration with Kanazawa Institute of Technology - Japan (K.I.T). The instructors are certified innovation training experts from the Stanford International Research Institute. This workshop is an opportunity for students from both universities to study, research innovation, gain experience in a professional international environment, and continue to develop themselves in various aspects.

The activity took place online via Zoom


During the program, UEFers were equipped with knowledge and operations of innovation; improved their communication and presentation skills in English; and collaborated on creative projects with Japanese students. These experiences will be valuable assets for the students' learning, research, and startup journey.


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