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UEFers approach “Linear thinking" method – take IELTS effortlessly with experts

OCTOBER 14 - “IELTS is a very important test because it not only aids students in meeting the requirements of studying and graduating at UEF but also serves as a competitive edge for them to win a scholarship to study overseas,” remarked Dr. Do Huu Nguyen Loc – Vice President & Director, UEF International Institute at the “EAT” the IELTS with magic linearthinking” workshop organized by UEF International Institute.

Reality has proved that when entering in a new learning environment, many freshmen studying the international bachelor’s programs of the University of Gloucestershire, Leeds Trinity University or Keuka College (US) still struggle to improve their band score in the IELTS exam. At the workshop, they expressed their wish to grasp appropriate study methods to enhance their foreign language proficiency and to deal with fear caused by this important exam.
The workshop attracted a large number of participants from UEF international bachelor’s programs

In order to help UEF students overcome the challenges and difficulties in foreign language acquisition, two speakers from DOL IELTS Dinh Luc, Mr. Pham Huy Hung – SAT Director and Ms. Ha Dang Nhu Quynh – IELTS Director motivated students and provided them with useful tips to study and complete the IELTS exam well.

The program also featured Ms. Tran Phuong Quynh – Deputy Director of UEF International Institute and Mr. Pham Cong Nhat – Communication Director of DOL IELTS Dinh Luc.
Dr. Do Huu Nguyen Loc emphasized the importance of the international English certificate - IELTS

Speaking at the workshop, Dr. Do Huu Nguyen Loc briefly introduced the international programs at UEF and the importance of the IELTS certificate: “The US and the UK are developed countries with innovative education systems among the world’s top ranking. One of the commonly encountered difficulties of the UEF international programs is English. IELTS is a very important test because it not only aids students in meeting the requirements of studying and graduating at UEF but also serves as a competitive edge for them to win a scholarship to study overseas. Today's IELTS experts will help you better understand this exam and discover methods to study English well in general and to study IELTS in particular within the university environment." 
Many inspirational and motivational stories were brought to UEF students by Ms. Nhu Quynh

Following that, Ms. Nhu Quynh restated the benefits of being good at English such as improving the mindset, being responsive and confident in travel and entertainment, becoming more competitive in the international labor market, and accessing various career opportunities with attractive benefits. “If you don’t know English, you have to accept a slower start behind others”, said she. With her own real stories, the speaker also highlighted the importance of finding the motivation to pursue the study of a foreign language as well as English.
 Mr. Pham Huy Hung presented UEFers the "linear thinking" learning method

With his teaching experience and impressive IELTS band score, Mr. Pham Huy Hung shared with UEF students the “linear thinking” method, which has two focal points. At the sentence level, it is crucial to read the sentence structure, analyze the main clause, subject, main verb and temporarily leave out details, while the paragraph level requires a focus on identifying the coherence and cohesion between sentences. The unique feature of this approach is to zoom in from the general to the detailed.

Additionally, to help students gain a thorough understanding of this method, the speakers encouraged them to practice some examples and then gave them specific explanations. Valuable and lovely gifts were also presented to boost their spirit of learning English.

 UEFers received many useful tips in learning English from Mr. Maxime Vigier

Mr. Maxime concluded the workshop by addressing several obstacles facing students in learning English that he noticed during his teaching period. He, therefore, gave advice on how to improve this and named more methods to learn English.

Many gifts were sent to UEFers

Those wholehearted sharings associated with the real stories of the speakers helped students of the UEF international programs gain further insights into applicable methods to conquer the IELTS exam. Also, freshmen were boosted with positive energy to start their learning journey successfully.

Quy Nguyen

Photos: Media Team
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