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UEFers Continously Advance And Achieve Success In The COVID Context


In the 2019 - 2020 academic year, nationwide students as well as UEF students have witnessed many drastic changes, which have experienced unwilling holidays with much apprehension and anxiety. 

Covid-19 pandemic has imposed considerable influences on student life; nevertheless, UEF students have actively spreaded the university’s message with undefeatable “UEF spirit”. Various competitions and activities were implemented on the semester delay; or proud achievements were presented on the back-to-school day after a period of social distancing. In every playground to show the professional knowledge and creative thinking as well as the understanding of culture, arts or sports tallent, UEF students expressed their remarkable competence and strenuous efforts. With UEFers’ passion, determination and cohesion, nothing is impossible!

Despite “Distance” - Persistence to express knowledge and fulfill passion

Being the cradle of talent through a series of rich academic and cultural playgrounds, UEF has maintained the "performance" despite arising obstacles from the Covid-19 pandemic.


During the social distancing, both Innovative Student Ideas and S-Debate 2020 were organized with a lot of enthusiasm. The UEF has witnessed the wonderful connection between lecturers and students; the thrilling of the S-Debate qualifier (April 27), especially through the online debate of teams in the English board; unique and novel ideas sent to the Organizing Committee in Innovative Student Ideas,...


S-Debate 2020 qualifiers take place with the online form


On the "back to school" day, both contests run gamut of emotions with the race to the finish. While The Champion found the owner, UEF found talented and brave students. Particularly, through each contest, UEF students could boost their confidence and gain problem / idea arrangement and presentation skills, teamwork skills as well as a multidimensional view of current social issues,... 


S-Debate Finale (6/6) and Innovative Student Ideas (13/6) bring a lot of emotions to UEFers.


At the same time, on launching S-Debate, UEF received terrific news from the online contest in Southeast Asia - ICAEW 100 organized by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW). Among 15 Vietnamese contestants in the Top 100, UEF representative, who is Nguyen Thanh Danh, a Marketing freshman of Faculty of Economics, was honored to win the Curious Learner Prize.


Nguyen Thanh Danh, a freshman in Marketing, Faculty of Economics wins the Curious Learner Prize - Source: Organizing Committee of ICAEW


In the field of Accounting, 2020 Accounting and Finance Olympics was held with 124 contestants, equivalent to 40 teams. After two preliminary and semi-final rounds, the Organizing Committee selected 5 best teams for the Final on June 27 morning. This academic playground embraced the abundant knowledge, confidence, intelligence, and team spirit of UEF students. More new talented students in the field of accounting - finance were also revealed.


The Bright Star team really shines and conquers the judges to win the Championship of the competition.


Not only demonstrating thorough professional knowledge, UEF students also left a beautiful impression because of their foreign language proficiency, profound cultural understanding and outstanding theatrical performance competence. All these qualities were clearly displayed in the Final Gala of the Color of Japanese Culture Contest (June 19).


Through 10 performances, every team’s passion and understanding about Japanese culture were completely seen. As a contest in the stage form, the contestants were so invested in acting, costumes and presentation skills.


Color of Japanese Culture is one of impressive contests in this academic year of UEF


Following academic competitions in June, the FDI Moot 2020 (Foreign Direct Investment International Arbitration Moot) took place with revealed excellent students. Both UEF teams won proud prizes. In particular, the Roucounas team oustandingly achieved the Most Promising Team Award; two members Nghiep Khai and Lan Anh of Donoghue team were also in the leading top of argument capacity.


The UEF "warriors" enters the golden table of the FDI Moot 2020 award

Dr. Nguyen Ba Son, President of Vietnam International Law Association, who is representative of the organizing committee of FDI Moot competition, awards prizes to UEF teams.


Most recently, UEF students have established new achievements at the MOS World Championship - Viettel 2020 with the third prize in Microsoft Office Word 2016. According to the Organizing Committee, in the National Final, passing two rounds with the Expert and Scenario exams, student Nguyen My Uyen Phuong of UEF Information Technology got 1000 Expert points and 777 Scenario points to win this prestigious award. 


Strength to study and "fight against" Covid


In addition to competitions to affirm the knowledge and creativity of UEF students, the university's fitness and sports playgrounds have always been focused for students to show their talent and passion. Especially in the Covid period, the activities enhancing health and physical training are more meaningful than ever.


Among UEF students, the June 27 night was an unforgettable experience when Nguyen Phu Minh Dac and Lieu Hoang Khang were honored with the high awards of the Open Physique Men's and Women's Fitness Final 2020. Student Nguyen Phu Minh Dac excellently won double prizes: Gold Medal for Young Men to 21 years old and Bronze Medal for Male Group A with a height of 1m65. Lieu Hoang Khang, the 2nd representative of UEF, also brought the Bronze Medal for Young Men to 21 years old. In addition, UEF also achieved the third prize of the whole group in this tournament.

UEF students are honored at the big playground - Physique 2020


In the burning "heat" of the Physique 2020, on the evening of June 28, the closing ceremony of the Student Sports Tournament - Olympics UEF 2020 also ended a journey of effort and self-victory of contestants.


This year's season possessed 5 subjects and 9 competing contents with individual and collective boards. Despite the interruption from epidemics, the UEF sport spirit is always burning, and a beautiful ending was written for the biggest sports activity this year.


Olympic UEF 2020 is the biggest sport tournament this year at UEF


Just through a few outstanding activities and achievements of UEF students, it is acknowledged that students have devoted a mass positive energy to dispelling the gloomy ambience of Covid-19. With passion, determination, consensus, cohesion and support from lecturers, UEFers will make the impossible possible!

Original News: An Du
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