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UEFers experiences at renowned enterprises in Thailand

A group of UEF students recently participated in a semester abroad at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTTC) and field trips to renowned enterprises in Thailand. Top prize winners of the UEF's YouBranding competition also took part in this activity in July 2022.

The activity took place from November 29 to December 4, with Mr. Luu Hoang Thien Minh — Deputy Dean, Faculty of Marketing accompanying UEFers during this trip.

UEFers participate in a semester abroad in Thailand

Students had the opportunity to visit famous locations in the Land of Golden Pagodas and accumulate knowledge from a new environment.
Students had the opportunity to take part in a field trip at the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT). EGAT, under the supervision of the Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Finance, is the only electricity cooperation in Thailand responsible for electricity production, generation, transmission and sales nationwide.
At EGAT, UEFers learned about methods of green electricity production without using fossil fuel. Besides, the students were able to witness a number of cutting-edge technologies distributed in this activity.

Students on a field trip to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)

Following the trip to EGAT, UEFers’ next stop was IKEA, a furniture chain. IKEA is the world's largest furniture chain based in Sweden. Students had the opportunity to explore IKEA's business model, such as focus on the manufacturing of designs and marketing of products, and outsource the entire product supply system. Students visited and explored a lot of furniture set designs available from IKEA, learned about sale methods as well as how to assemble a finished product, and enhanced their thorough understanding on social responsibility and environmental protection in the furniture industry.

UEFers visited the world’s largest furniture supermarket chain

During the trip to the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce  (UTTC) and attending the Entrepreneurship in International Business class, UEFers gained more knowledge about operating history of UTCC, the University’s majors and faculties, and other areas such as the library, self-study space, canteen, co-working space, personal study space, etc. Moreover, students were also able to experience civil airplane simulation models with Aviation Management, or the models of hotels, cafes, restaurants with Hospitality and Restaurant Management.

The field trip at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce

The professor emphasized valuable information with the classes during the Entrepreneurship in International Business regarding the successful reality of start-ups in Vietnam and Thailand.
During the tour, Mr. Luu Hoang Thien Minh, representing UEF, also delivered a lecture on Business ecosystem and opportunity for investment for foreign companies to come to Vietnam. The students were aware of the importance of expanding business into the international market and understood Vietnam’s strengths to attract foreign investors.
Mr. Luu Hoang Minh also delivered a lecture during UEFers’ field trip.

Thanks to the field trips at the University and enterprises, UEFers can engage in cultural exchanges with international friends, have the chance to improve foreign language skills, and study environmental studies abroad.



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