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UEFers practice brand simulation with Gloucestershire University’s Professor

FEBRUARY 22 - Students of UEF International Institute received lesson delivered by Mr. Matt Barr – Course Leader, Business and Makerting Management ; Dr. Ruffin Relja – Senior Lecturer in Marketing,  University of Gloucestershire, UK. Thanks to the lesson, students gained deeper knowledge in affirming brand and marketing simulation.

UEFers paid attention to the lecture

According to the Professors, when performing branding strategy, students need to be concerned about aim strategy and oriented strategy of brand. Particularly, oriented brands need to build strategies on product, media, and price. Main duties of the person who affirms the brand is marketing to broaden the brand on “BrandPro World” and maximize the value of the company; etc. Professor indicated that to maximize SPI in branding, it is crucial to promote contributions, share markets, and develop income.
Besides, UK’s lecturer introduced “BrandPro World” and gave examples of a particular brand to UEFers. In particular, he analyzed product lists, marketplaces, demographic segmentation, etc. to help students actively acquire the knowledge received from the lesson.

UEF students received enthusiastic instruction in the practice session

After the practice session, students were assigned into groups to practice brand building strategies following these steps: Analyzing capable finance and market location; Labeling strategy; Running simulation.
This is the activity under the curriculum of the UEF international bachelor’s program. With the support from experts, students were able to access various up-to-date knowledge in the marketing field. In addition, by joining lessons with native lectures, students had opportunity to show off and improve their language skills.
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