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UEFers’ semester abroad in Taiwan: Which interesting places will they visit?


In November, UEF students will participate in the international semester program at Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT) in Taiwan, as informed. This presents an opportunity for UEFers to explore a new land with unique and fascinating cultural features.

The month-long trip will create favorable conditions for UEF students to exchange and study with international friends, visit, experience, and check in at many famous places in Taiwan.

​​The semester abroad in Taiwan is open for registration until September 20, 2023

Study at Ming Chi University of Technology

In this international semester, UEFers will study and exchange experiences with students from MCUT, a renowned university in Taiwan. They will attend lectures and listen to useful sharing from excellent lecturers. Moreover, they can also engage in academic, cultural, and sports exchange activities with international friends. This is an opportunity for UEFers to accumulate and enrich their knowledge.

Experience MCUT’s facilities and academic curriculum

Marvel at the beauty of Jiufen Village

According to the planned itinerary, within the framework of the program, UEF students will visit and explore many famous destinations, including the iconic Jiufen Village. This is a village renowned for its ancient charm and has become a popular tourist attraction, drawing a significant number of visitors annually. Jiufen stands out for its ancient architecture that resonates with its unique culture and cuisine.

UEFers will have the chance to admire the classic allure of Jiufen. Photo: 

Check-in at the Capital of Taiwan - Taipei

Next, UEFers will check in at the Capital of Taiwan - Taipei. This is where many famous universities, including MCUT, gather and is also home to many of Taiwan's busiest entertainment centers and amusement parks. UEFers will have memorable experiences exploring Taipei.

A chance for UEFers to explore the contemporary beauty of Taipei. Photo: Klook

Explore a mountain right in the heart of the city - Elephant Mountain

For a panoramic view over Taipei, students will go to Elephant Mountain. The mountain is located in the center of Taipei, with the Taipei 101 tower in sight. From this viewpoint, the city appears whole and grand in the eyes of its visitors.

Enjoy Taipei's panorama from Elephant Mountain Summit. Photo: Global Travel Alliance 

In addition, as per the schedule, UEFers will have the chance to explore various captivating destinations including Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Bali Left Bank, Taipei 101, etc.

Explore many famous destinations in Taiwan in UEF’s international semester program

Taiwan's popular places are eagerly awaiting UEFers to check in and explore during this semester abroad. Register soon, and you won't miss out on a month filled with meaningful experiences on this journey. Registration is now open until September 20. 

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