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UEFers takes third prize in the Vietnamese Eloquence Competition for Lao international students


At UEF, international and exchange students are always provided with opportunities to participate in various language and cultural events or contests, expanding their knowledge and experiences in addition to their academic studies.

Most recently, international students from Laos had a noticeable performance at the "Vietnamese Eloquence Contest for Foreign Exchange Students in 2023". On the morning of November 10, 13 teams from Southern universities competed in the Southern region preliminary round.

The organizing committee awarded souvenir flags to the participating units

The Southern region round was organized at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University. In the competition, the Laotian students were well-researched and thoughtfully prepared for the perfomance's content, meaning, costumes, and props.

The Lao exchange students shared experiences about their "cultural integration" journeys at UEF 

With the theme "Vietnam in me," the Lao exchange students successfully demonstrated their knowledge of Vietnamese people and culture, as well as their special feelings for this nation. The competition gave them the chance to improve their Vietnamese proficiency, public speaking confidence, and introduce UEF students to international friends.


The Lao exchange students successfully presented their performances

Concluding the contest, UEFers excellently won the third prize in the Southern region.

The contest also provided Lao international students at UEF with many memorable Vietnamese culture and people experiences.

The UEF team won third place in the Southern region round 

While studying at UEF, Lao exchange students have actively participated in various activities organized by the university and earned valuable memories as well as knowledge. 

Quang Huy

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