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Unlimited Scholarship At UEF: Solve The Financial Problem In The Co-vid Pandemic.

Under the fluctuation of Co-vid crisis, the cost of education fees will undoubtedly be of great concern for those who urge for a bilingual or international academic learning environment.

 In recent years, the university’s admission scholarship policy which is considered as one of the most significant objects to encourage talents has always been the motivation for students in deciding what they should major in and where they should enter into. Especially in the context of the economy being affected by COVID 19, UEF’s scholarship policy is deemed as a “weapon” facilitating students’ entering into the university. 

Assert competence, seize scholarship

Among many prestigious universities with scholarships exclusively for those students who are test-takers in university admissions, Ho Chi Minh University of Economics and Finance (UEF) is well-known as a companion unit perpetually accompanying students over the years. 

UEF’s annual scholarship expenditure for students who are winners in the university admission assessment is relatively 50 billion VND. More notably, according to annual data, by taking high school learning results as admission criteria, many students find themselves confident enough to seize UEF’s scholarship when reaching the score of 21. 

UEF annually gives many scholarship for students

 The admission scholarships are created with the aims of encourage talents, expand the international experience opportunities, absorb the quality of English-centered training in the context of integration, and provide high-qualified labor resources.  

UEF’s scholarship becomes a tremendous motivation for the journey to conquer the university dream. 

Over the years, UEF’s scholarship policy is more and more achievable for outstanding students. Besides the unlimited admission scholarship with 25%, 50%, and 100% the total fees, there are also business scholarships with 40% total fees which is exclusively for labor resources training in trendy majors.

Moreover, for those who are talents in each major, students also stand a better chance of scholarship from UEF’s international partners such as fully-funded scholarship by the European Union - Erasmus+, Transfer scholarship (2 years) and student exchange (1 semester to 1 year) from 50 - 100% of the tuition fee in France, Japan, Korea,..

Continue to be a “weapon” for students with 2020 scholarship.

In order to promote UEF’s core values including talents appreciation, studious spirit as the feasible-merit commitment for society, in 2020, UEF continue to give many admission scholarships with the value up to 100% the total fees for the freshmen who meet all criteria in 4 enrollment methods. These 4 enrollment methods are based on the result of the National High School Examination, based on the grade 12 transcripts in a combination of 03 subjects, based on the academic records with an average point of 05 semesters and based on the result of the National University of Ho Chi Minh City.

Scholarship Results of the National High School Exam 12th-grade transcripts (combination of 03 subjects) 05-semester academic records Competence assessment result Scholarship retention requirements
25% 18 to under 21 21 to under 26 35 to under 43 720 to under 840 Accumulative average score at least 3.2/4
50% 21 to under 26 26 to under 28 43 to under 46 840 to under 1.040 Accumulative average score at least 3.4/4 
 (25% scholarship for 3.2 to under 3.4)
100% 26 to 30 28 to 30 46 to 50 1040 to under 1200 Accumulative average score at least 3.6/4
  (50% scholarship for 3.2 to under 3.6.
25% scholarship for 3.2 to under 3.4)

The scholarship policy applies to all enrollment methods

In 2020, the top 10 most trendy majors are Information Technology, E-Commerce, Data Science, Japanese Language, Korean Language, Chinese Language, Communication Technology, Advertising, Public Relations,  and International Relations which may have scholarships up to 40% total tuition fees. These scholarships are for 2020 freshmen.

Being an UEF’s member, students may gain study-abroad scholarship.

The awarded scholarships will be a spiritual encouragement for students to continue their study efforts, improve their foreign languages, ​​and become global citizens. This is also evidence for the strength of UEFs international training, contributing to inspiring young people with the dream of "reaching out to the big sea". In particular, the scholarships in 2020 bring meaning in the context of the country being severely affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. 

UEF is currently receiving 12th-grade transcripts in a combination of 3 subjects and assessing transcripts based on the average score of 5 semesters to August 31st. Candidates have the opportunity to receive valuable scholarships with grade 12 transcripts from 21 or higher and an average score of 5 semesters at least 35.








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