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[Updated]: UEF postpones school day until March 1

On Feb 14, in order to ensure the prevention of the novel coronavirus (virus COVID-19) as well as the safety of UEF’s teachers, staff, and students, HCMC University of Economics and Finance (UEF) has given its students two more weeks off (from Feb 17 to Mar 1) instead of going back to school on Feb 17 as informed, according to the announcement 32/TB-UEF.
In the past few days, UEF has disinfected its building, prepared temperature measuring devices and is planning to check students’ temperature at the main gate when they are back to school.
UEF checks teachers, staff, and students’ temperature.
At working areas, halls, and restrooms, the university has provided more hand sanitizers, hand wash products to teachers, staff, and students.
Standee and board of information about virus COVID-19 prevention or hand-washing instruction are placed at the school lobby, stairs, and elevators, etc.
The whole school strictly follows the safety instructions.
At the same time, UEF has also sent out emails and texts to students and parents with instructions on COVID-19 prevention, created a hotline, continuously updated the information on its network through the Ministry of Health website and national news agency.
Moreover, UEF Rapid Response Team is focusing on creating a response plan; informing the situation and guideline to the teachers, staff, and students; actively coordinating with health centers and the authorities to prevent and halt the spread of this virus within the school campus.
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