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[Welcome the 2k5 freshmen] Inside look at international exchange and study programmes at UEF


With the goal of internationalizing education and creating opportunities for students to access global cultures and education, UEF has invested in international exchange and study programmes. Freshmen will be consulted about UEF’s international programmes upon admission.

Diverse International study programmes 

Alongside bilingual study programmes, UEF attached great importance to broadening the availability of international programmes for students. These include international bachelor’s programmes, pathway programmes, semester abroad, student exchanges, double-degree programmes, etc. Additionally, students usually engage in cultural exchange activities with peers from various countries.  

For International Bachelor’s Programmes, UEF collaborates with universities from the UK and US to offer courses in “hot" majors. For instance, UEF is collaborating with the University of Gloucestershire (UK) to offer courses in Business and Marketing Management, English Language and Linguistics, and International Hospitality and Tourism Management, and planning to open new courses in Communications and Media, Logistics Management, Enterprise Law, and Financial Accounting. 

Diverse international programmes for students  

The second choice for the UK Bachelor's Programme is Leeds Trinity University which offers courses in International Business. The University is in the top 10 in the UK for teaching quality and student experience (according to The Times University League Table). 

For the US Bachelor’s Programme, UEF collaborates with Keuka College to offer Bachelor of Science in Management courses. This programme aims to provide students with in-depth and up-to-date knowledge in management sciences that are closely linked to practical applications both in Vietnam and worldwide. Additionally, the programme focuses on equipping students with essential soft skills such as adaptability as well as logical and creative problem-solving. 

Besides the International Bachelor’s Programme, UEF also offers a Double-degree programme, known as the articulation programme (3 + 1). To participate in this programme, students must complete three years of study, provided they meet the credit requirements set by UEF. Once the conditions are met, students are transited to study at a UEF’s partner university. Upon completing the final year of the programme, students will receive a bachelor's degree from the partner university, and their grades are transferred back to UEF for graduation verification and the issuance of a UEF bachelor's degree.

Currently, UEF has two partners for Double-degree programs which are City University of Seattle (US) and Centria University of Applied Science (Finland). 

Bilateral exchange environment 

As a global integration university, UEF prioritizes establishing partnerships to provide students with opportunities to experience international study environments. This is achieved through a transfer system with nearly 20 reputable partner universities for UEFers. 

With this programme, students can transfer to study at partner universities abroad and receive an international degree after completing at least one academic year at UEF in fields such as Business Administration, International Business, Accounting, Finance and Banking, Marketing, Human Resource Management, English Language, Japanese Language, Hospitality Management, Tourism and Travel Services Management, and Information Technology.

UEFers have opportunities to experience international cultures  

In the student exchange programme, students have opportunities to experience international learning environments for at least one to two semesters. Students may be fully or partially exempt from tuition fees at the partner universities abroad. This experience helps enhance students’ foreign language skills and provides a certificate of program completion along with a scoreboard. The academic results achieved abroad are considered equivalent to courses in the UEF program, as per the regulations concerning bilateral exchange programs. Additionally, students have the chance to experience a semester abroad, allowing them to discover the people, culture, and languages of various countries both regionally and globally.

Before that, UEF students have checked in and experienced at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC), Chungbuk National University (Korea), Arizona State University (ASU) in the United States, Keimyung University (Korea), Busan University of Foreign Studies (Korea), etc. UEF has also allowed students to participate in exchange programmes at Kobe International University (Japan), University College of Lillebaelt (Denmark), SolBridge International School of Business (Korea), SEGi University and College (Malaysia), Bangkok University (Thailand), Budapest Business University (Hungary), etc. In addition, students were also provided with opportunities to visit the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) and the IKEA furniture retail chain (Thailand).

UEF not only provides opportunities for students to study abroad but also expands opportunities to welcome international exchange students. At the same time, we continuously collaborate with foreign experts for teaching and meeting with students. 

International students also frequently come to UEF for academic and cultural exchange  

The international “colors” of UEF become even more evident with the inclusion of international student groups participating in exchange programs, internships, and cultural exchanges from Kobe International University (KIU - Japan), Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU - Japan), CY Cergy Paris University (France), IAE DiJon School of Management - University of Burgundy (France), Karlshochschule International University (Germany), University College London (United Kingdom), Guangxi University for Nationalities (China), etc.  

After the overview of the international cultural exchange and study activities, UEF believes the 2k5 freshmen have gotten some ideas of how diverse it is in the University's training programmes. With the desire to provide students with extensive experience, valuable knowledge, and a global perspective, UEF continuously implements and promotes its strategy of internationalizing education. Hopefully, new students will choose the appropriate program and maximize their integration skills and capabilities.

Nguyen Le

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