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Which Majors Will UEF University Admission Cover In 2020?

Known for producing professional human resources with its international – bilingual programs, UEF will process applications for admission in 2020 by the following procedures: considering the 2020 National High School Graduation Examination results, reviewing the grade-12 academic records based on three-subject combinations, reviewing high school academic records based on the average grades of five semesters, and considering results of the 2020 HCMC National University entrance tests.
UEF will process university admission applications for 22 majors, including:
Group of Business – Management, Finance, Law: The biggest draw for applicants
During the past few years, majors like Business Administration, International Business, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Accounting, Banking – Finance, Law, Economic Law, International Law, etc. have always occupied the spotlight of UEF admission. Demands for those professions account for 33 % of the total demands of human resources in HCM City, which results in students’ intense interest when university admission comes. 
With the rise of deep economic integration, FDI flows, export-driven economies and workforce, majors related to economy, export-import, services in general and international business in particular will register strong growth in the future. 
This year, UEF plans to open a new major – Commercial Business, giving students one more admission option.

High school students learns about what majors are open to UEF 2020 university admission process.
Those majors are also the strong points of UEF whose highly practical programs focus on providing students with language proficiency and necessary professional skills throughout their education.
Leading the change with the group of Services – Tourism – Hotel.
The birth of ASEAN Economic Community opens opportunities for jobs and workforce transfer between the Southeast Asian countries. Vietnam’s membership in the organization is expected to prompt the rise of professions in the service sector such as: Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management, etc. With strong language skills and professional competence, graduates may work in modern and dynamic environments with many chances for social relationships.
 Therefore, selecting those fiends during UEF 2020 admissions is a passport to the integrated global economy.
Conquer “the flat market” with the group of Technology, Telecommunications, E-commerce
 The technology revolution has made the world increasingly “flatter”. It creates tools both for connecting people and building brand image for corporations. Enrolment in majors such as Public Relations, Communications Technology, Marketing, E-commerce, and Information Technology at UEF will give students higher chances of jobs in the future.
Shortage of workforce in information technology and the robust growth of television, media companies prove that demands for workers in those majors are huge. Good employment opportunities and great work flexibility are two main draws for applicants during this year’s UEF university admission.
Group of foreign languages and international relations: the Key to success against the background of globalization
Majors such as English Language, Japanese English, Korean English, and International Relations are fantastic for students who are extroverted, keen on foreign languages and interested in working in international environments. Students majoring in those majors can work in various professions as well as have a good grasp of other counties’ cultures and politics.

The modern international learning environments helps bring out the best in students majoring in Foreign Languages.
 Nowadays, knowledge of foreign languages is an important criterion for recruitment at many companies, making it productive to pursue those majors. 
This year, UEF plans to open a new major – Chinese Language.
 No matter which majors students choose at UEF, they will be taught the most advanced English program and the bilingual program to ensure their employment opportunities in the international environment. Another great news is that in 2020, students applying for admission at UEF by any procedure may be awarded scholarships equivalent of 25 %, 50 % or 100 % of tuition fees. Moreover, students admitted for the majors of Japanese Language, Telecommunications Technology, Public Relations, Information Technology, E-commerce, Korean Language, Chinese Language, and International Relations are eligible for corporate scholarships equivalent of 40 % of tuition fees throughout the entire course.
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