Bangkok University (Thailand)

Basic Information

Location: Bangkok University is located in Bangkok city, Thailand. This is the center of economy, culture, and education of Thailand. Studying in Bangkok, not only can students learn from school but they also can experience the culture of Thailand.

Bangkok University's campus
Bangkok University's campus

Climate: Climate in Bangkok is similar to the South of Vietnam. The average temperature is around 25 degree Celsius, which enables Vietnamese students to adapt quickly to the environment.

Highlights: Bangkok University is one of the top universities in ASEAN. Moreover, students will have the opportunity to study and practice at the same time in order to familiarize themselves with the working environment. English is the language of instruction. Thus, Bangkok University is the most suitable place for who want to study in the international environment with low tuition fee.

Establishment year: 1962


Bangkok University is the choice of many international students.

Facility: Bangkok University comprises of two campuses, one in Gluay Nam Tai and another one located in Rangsit. Bangkok University also has gym club, big library and museum with modern equipment, giving the best conditions for students to study.

Bangkok University also has a student support center to help students who have problem in their study life

Program with UEF

International Semester: For juniors and seniors from any faculty of UEF

Duration: 1 semester

Degree: Students are able to transfer their credits from UEF to Bangkok University and courses taken at Bangkok University are also recognized by UEF.

Tuition fee: 150 -250 million VND/semester

Source: Wikipedia and Bangkok University's website
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