McNeese State University (United States)


McNeese State University is an American public university founded in 1939 in Lake Charles, Luisiana. The university has a number of distinctive features regarding programs which cover most prominent careers and various extracurricular activities. It attracts students from more than 30 states and 40 countries around the world to study and work.

In educational aspect, McNeese is a pioneer in applying new teaching and learning method with the intention of contributing to community service and practical research. This is one of the main contributors in student’s scientific research with a great amount of student researchers in most majors and achieve great results regarding the field of Economy, Technology, Biotechnology... McNeese's internship and employment opportunities are also a great advantage, as the school encourages and organizes many internships throughout the duration of the program, enabling students to engage and experience the real working environment themselves. It is during these internships that McNesse students find employment opportunities while they are in the university, or establish relationships with highly skilled individuals in their chosen profession. Furthermore, McNeese’s reasonable study fee makes it a university for those looking for an international quality training institution at a fraction of the cost. The university’s quality is reflected in its 58th rank of the average salary earned by student after graduation.

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