University of Gloucestershire (The UK)

Established in 1834, University of Gloucestershire (UoG) has over 180 year experience in education, has trained more than 10,000 students from over 60 countries who are currently studying at 3 campuses in the UK.   

According to the International Student Barometer survey in 2014, UoG ranked in the top five universities in the UK for international student support services. Thanks to Degreeplus program organized by the school, students can have a chance to select a one-year internship programs to accumulate useful experience. Therefore, more than 95% of fresh graduates can get decent jobs or study for master’s degrees within 6 months after graduation.     

In addition, UoG provides 2 year bachelor’s degree courses in business and law to cut down on tuition fee and living cost by shortening students’ studying period.

Some images of University of Gloucestershire:

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