VIA University College (Denmark)

Basic information

Location: VIA University College is located in Aarhus city, Denmark. The main campus is at the center of the second largest city where most national universities gather. Aarhus is considered to be a center of culture and education and links train stations all over Denmark.Pic: VIA Teko University College, Denmark

VIA University College 
VIA University College

Climate: comfortable weather which is mostly around 20 C yearly. In winter, it is not too cold thanks to the gulf stream running in the Mediterranean Sea.

Highlights: Students have a chance to experience the leading learning environment in Northern Europe with prominent programs such as Design and Business. Besides, the university’s focus is developing soft skills for students by different and helpful and academic activities.

Year of foundation: 2008


Overview of VIA University College

Student number: over 18.500 students, including 2500 international students.

Facilities: 8 campuses in central Denmark. Modern equipment and 
large library and laboratory room in the Aarhus campus. All of them are equipped with photocopy machines, printer and wifi connection.

The university offers training programs for undergraduates and postgraduates. Moreover, there are many helpful summer courses and some prominent programs such as Marketing Management, Diploma in Project Management, Character Animation, Computer Graphic Arts.

International students: If there is any problem during study time, students can ask International Center for immediate aid.

Program with UEF

International Semester: For juniors and seniors from any faculty of UEF

Duration: 1 semester

Degree: Students are able to convert their credits at UEF and their courses accomplished at VIA Teko University College are officially recognized.

Tuition fee: about 90 – 100 million VND/ semester

Living cost: about 80 million VND/ semester (1.000 USD/ month)

Source: Wikipedia and VIA University College's website
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