Woosong University (Korea)

Basic information

Location: Woosong University is located in Daejeon city which is the fifth biggest city in Korea.
Deajeon city is considered as the center of technology and science of Korea; and it only takes 50 minutes to travel by train from Seoul.

Woosong University, Korea
Woosong University
Climate: in the summer, the weather is cool with the temperature around 20 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, in the winter, the average temperature is 8 degrees Celsius.

Highlights: in recent years, Korea has emerged as an ideal environment for studying. Besides that, the cooperation between Vietnam and Korea has been developed for two decades. Students from all over the world do not have to worry about their language when studying in Woosong University since English is the only language used in the entire courses. Studying in Woosong not only gives students opportunity to access to an advanced education system but also allows them to be exposed to the multi-cultural environment.

Established: 1954


The number of students: Over 7,000 students

International Students at Woosong University
International Students at Woosong University
Facilities:Woosong’s main campus is located in Daejeon City; and it has an area of over 80,000 m2. Library can allow over 1,200 students study during the exam season. It also has heath care centers such as gym club, skincare center, therapy center… There are several institutes and centers managed by Woosong university: Woosong center of Education Information Technology, Woosong Language Institute, Woosong Institute of Culinary Art…

Woosong University has many different programs: summer exchange program, undergraduate program, master program and
PhD program. Some significant majors:

- Undergraduate: International Business Management, Global Service Management, Information Technology Management, Hotel and Tourism Management, Tourism Management, Management of Food Service Industry,
Health care and Fitness, Science and computer Engineering, Game Design and Multimedia technology, Media Design...

- Master program
BusinessAdministration, Health Care and Fitness Management, Computer Science and Information Technology, Computer Design, Game Design and Multimedia Technology...

UEF’ cooperation

International semester

Qualified student: All majors’ junior students

Duration: 1 semester

Degree: Students are able to transfer their credits from UEF to Woosong University and courses taken at Woosong University are also recognized by UEF.

Tuition fee: 80 – 90 million Vietnam dongs

Source: Wikipedia and Woosong University's website
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