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Dear nonprofit and community organizations,

   Service-Learning is a graded learning activity that combines academic instruction and service to address the real needs of the community. Service-Learning activities are popular in many universities of advanced countries in the world, applied by the University of Economics and Finance in Ho Chi Minh City (UEF) to contribute to the implementation of the university's mission of human resource training with the aim of enhancing comprehensive development and a sense of social responsibility for students.

   Over the past time, UEF's students from different faculties and disciplines have implemented service-learning schemes / projects in cooperation with many Non-profit organizations and Social Enterprises and received positive reviews from community activities. These activities not only bring the university's academic program closer to the community, helping to address the needs of our partner institutions, but also create an environment for students to practice their skills, including problem solving, practical thinking, and spreading kind and human values ​​in society.

   Join us in replicating this model, to jointly build a philosophy of education and training of human resources that have responsible citizenship, global responsibility to meet the requirements of an advanced, modern society. To register a need for support as well as an opportunity to implement community service activities, you can fill out the form above.

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