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Brand Management subject combine with service learning. UEF youth overcome the waves to reach further


On the afternoon of March 27, Brand Management students had a summary report of the Brand Management course integrating the community activities. In this module, students will come up with ideas, create strategies and evaluate brands on the aspects of brand positioning, target customers, brand awareness and brand image.

8 groups of students along with teachers and community partners marked their journey of integrating service-learning into subject

The summary of the Brand Management course was guided by Master Ly Dan Thanh, Head of the Faculty of Business Administration, University of Economics and Finance Ho Chi Minh City (UEF) in collaboration with the UEF Center of Service-Learning took place with the presence of community partners - ForGood Vietnam, representatives of the Board of Directors and teachers of the Faculty of Business Administration at UEF.

The presence of teachers and partners helps students evaluate their products in a multi-dimensional and practically meaningful way.

After more than 4 weeks of accumulating knowledge with lecturers, 8 groups of students embarked on the implementation process with enthusiasm and creativity based on theoretical foundations. Bring their best results to the reporting session and be ready to receive comments from teachers and partners to produce more perfect products.

The students presented their products with enthusiasm

Comments and suggestions from teachers and partner representatives help students perfect their products in the best way possible.

Many interesting experiences were recounted during the course implementation process, the students looked back on their journey through two symbols "rose" and "thorn". There were shares about teamwork conflicts, lack of ideas, loss of motivation,... and through that, they learned many new skills such as time management, risk management, internal conflicts solving skills, division of work or perseverance to the end. Someone even shared: "I thought I wouldn't give a presentation because I'm quite shy, but luckily I decided to volunteer to give a presentation because if I didn't do it, I wouldn't have a chance to know if I could do it or not, so that's why I'm standing here..." Finally, all students shared that their experiences in the past subjects were memorable and worthy of respect.

Besides that thorniness, "roses" are something worth receiving after efforts, many creative ideas have received praise from lecturers. Ms. Ly Dan Thanh could not hide her pride when witnessing the excellent work of UEF students, witnessing them studying and applying knowledge in a meaningful way.

Stories about journeys full of "thorns" and "roses" in the reflections of each students group

Evaluating the efforts of the students - Mr. Huynh Le Khanh, co-founder of ForGood Vietnam, partner of the Brand Management subject shared: "I guess the teachers must be very happy right now when Seeing the growth of the students through today's summary session. As a community worker, I am happy that the values and messages of the organization have reached the hearts here, and to see so many quality products from the students."

Marking the learning journey with community service with the instructors

Besides the joy of receiving certificates for completing the course from the teachers, the students were also excited with the opportunity to win a prize of 10 million VND from partner, ForGood Vietnam, for the presentation of their ideas to the executive board of the WeCV organization in the future. The selected brand identity will appear widely on the media pages of the US Consulate General and other reputable channels of WeCV.

As Dr. Nhan Cam Tri - Vice President in charge of community activities at UEF said: "The community service engagement course is a unique activity and makes UEF different", hoping that the knowledge and experience in the community engagement subject will help students apply it in practice and continue to develop meaningful projects for society.

News: Anh Ngan
Photos: Nhu Quynh & Ky Nam