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Brilliant journey with Marketing students combining Service - Learning model

On July 5, 2023, students of the service-learning course "Designing a brand identity system" and the subject "Integrated Communications (IMC)" in the Marketing Department of the City University of Economics and Finance Ho Chi Minh City (UEF) had a brilliant final report of semester 2B.

The final report took place with the participation of the student body, professional lecturers and business partners.

The report was honored to welcome the participation of partners from businesses: Mr. Pham Van Chinh - Founder of Mother Nature Honey brand, Ms. Pham Thuy Trieu - Project Development Officer of IECD, Ms. Truong Thi My Hanh - IECD training expert, Ms. Nguyen Thi Cam Tu - Founder of Tumun Ao Dai brand, Mr. Vang A Binh - Binh Ban Lien Homestay, Mr. An Van Tuan - Director of The Tuan Cooperative and Finally, there is Ms. Truong Thi Thu Trang - IECD training expert.

On the side of the school's lecturers, there was the presence of Dr. Phan Bao Giang - Head of Marketing Department, Master Nguyen Hoang Lan - Lecturer of Integrated Communication (IMC), Master Do Huynh Lam Thinh - Lecturer of the subject. Integrated Communications (IMC), Master Nguyen Huu Khoa - Lecturer of the Brand Identity Design subject with representatives of the Community Connection Center: Master Tran Thi My Phuong - Deputy Director of the Center and Ms. Huynh Kim Phung - Center Coordinator accompanies students in the course summary session.

After 2 months of studying and researching, more than 230 students from 6 classes presented their ideas to partner businesses. 4 topics were developed based on 4 businesses, students applied their professional knowledge and unleashed their creativity to form the final finished product for the pitching session. Overcoming the confusion in communicating with partners, the students increasingly improved their ability to proactively grasp information to complete their plans. Along with that, there is feedback and companionship from professional instructors so that you can create quality products, contributing to bringing humane values ​​to the community. The final report not only had a careful investment in the content of ideas but also impressed by the students' professional and confident presentation style.

UEF students impress with their professional and confident presentation style

Opening with the first brand - Mother Nature Honey, the atmosphere of the summary session was heated up by creative and thoughtful "Big Ideas". Next are professional plans with an "old but not old" perspective for Tumun Ao Dai. The project strategies implemented for the Upland Golden Drop Cooperative Essential Oil (Lao Cai) also received many positive comments from business partners and professional teachers. Finally, with the topic Binh Ban Lien Homestay (Lao Cai), the students demonstrated good empathy and understanding of their partner's products when developing many travel suggestions to immerse themselves in nature and enjoy. Diverse cultural experiences such as planting trees, bathing in streams, catching stream fish, etc. Although the topic is only within the scope of the subject, each message integrated in the plan is implemented extremely well by UEF students. Investing with the desire to bring real value in the story of increasing brand recognition and boosting revenue for businesses in the market.

The students' serious investment in the business's project

As a business person, Mr. Vang A Binh was emotional after listening to ideas for Binh Ban Lien Homestay: "Binh doesn't know what to say, everything is better than expected. You brought creative, intelligent presentations and imbued with the cultural identity of Lao Cai land. You guys understand Ban Lien better than me. Binh just hopes to meet UEF students one day soon in Ban Lien." In addition, in response to the efforts and achievements of the students, Ms. Pham Thuy Trieu gave positive praise: "I am grateful to you for your tireless efforts to learn and absorb to bring relevant ideas to the table." and reality in the tourism category. The ideas are promising at the local grassroots level, not just at the village and businesses in particular."


Evaluating and viewing the product from a professional perspective, Master Nguyen Hoang Lan - a lecturer who closely accompanies students in this service-learning subject journey, also has a few comments at the end of the report: "Lang Listening to the clear data analysis or investment message ideas in the presentation, the teacher was very happy and proud of you. Congratulations for starting work, admitting mistakes and making changes. If you have time to go deeper, I believe your project will have even more breakthroughs."

At the end of this service-learning course Designing Brand Identity and Integrated Communications Systems (IMC), UEF Service-Learning Center has continued to mark a new milestone in the journey of cooperation and connection between lecturers and lecturers. employees, students, businesses and their meaningful communities. The closing session clearly demonstrated the creative and enthusiastic spirit of the students in their learning journey while continuing to affirm the effectiveness of the learning model through integrating community service ( Service-Learning). Hopefully this experience will be a solid piece of luggage in your bright future journey.

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