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Direct Marketing and Brand Management

On 2 days 10 and 11/11,more than 90 UEF students of the Faculty of Business Administration participated in 3 community engagement subjects, namely Direct Marketing and Brand Management, had final reports according to the subject requirements. Attending the reporting sessions, in addition to students from the groups, were also representatives from 2 community organizations: Center for Deaf Education Research (CED) and Social Enterprise Survival Skills Vietnam (SSVN).On UEF's side, there were Mr. Le Hong Dac - Lecturer of the subject, Head of Marketing, Ms. Dinh Nguyen Thien n - Director of Center for Community Connection (TT. KNC) accompanies you.
The main content in the reporting sessions is the proposed plans to implement direct Marketing and Brand Management activities for community organizations. This is your positive learning result over 6 weeks of effort. 

Case Study CED: Masks increase communication quality

For CED, the topic that 4 groups of students choose to participate in (optional) is to plan Direct Marketing for Transparent Mask products. This is a product that CED hopes will be supported for more people to use to increase the quality of communication of deaf people, especially those who can read lip signals. 

The current context of CED is a non-profit sector organization with the goal of supporting the inclusion of deaf people. Currently, CED has limited experience and resources to implement business activities. This is considered a challenging "case study" for UEF students. 

After analyzing and understanding organizational information as well as applying expertise from the instructor's guidance, the teams also completed the proposed plan as required. Many creative ideas are included in the proposed plan with many activities that are both new and practical: improving product design to suit tastes, expanding awareness with community events, spreading meaningful messages with "health gift sets" and inspirational characters...

Direct Marketing students report course results

Not only stopping at Direct Marketing content, many students also integrate more knowledge about Brand Management, identity development, support to make more logos for products to increase value. Thereby, it can be seen the empathy of UEF students with the difficulties of community partners and the desire for the subject results to help the development of the product, bringing many benefits to the deaf community.
 Direct Marketing students report course results

In the process of integrating in Direct Marketing, realizing that CED's products need support in brand development, the Brand Management course implemented by MSc Le Hong Dac and 2 groups of students has also been cohesively implemented. With general knowledge and guidance from lecturers, UEF students conducted analysis of current brand elements such as brand name, slogan, logo, color. From the analysis and evaluation available, you create many solutions to improve the positioning for the wrong brand to reach customers more easily

 Brand Management students present analysis and evaluation in CED's transparent mask brand

Ms. Bui Thi Ngoc - CED representative attending the report said: "I am very impressed with your vision and professional style in presentation as well as for the product, the suggestions you raise will be valuable references for CED. In addition, the way you change the presentation format so that she can follow shows that you have good empathy and understanding of your partner. I appreciate that."

Ms. Bui Thi Ngoc represents CED

Case Study SSVN: First aid course to protect yourself and your loved ones

SSVN is a social enterprise with many outstanding activities in providing scientific information on first aid. The product that this social enterprise is looking to expand the market is the science of first aid to contribute to reducing the mortality rate due to improper first aid. 

Unlike non-profit organizations, the product and orientation of social enterprises have many similarities with the content of Direct Marketing but not so that this case study is less challenging. As a social enterprise, SSVN has a lot of experience in implementing operations but still faces many difficulties in human resources and capital, and the markets that businesses want to access also have many challenges in terms of user perception.

Receiving enthusiastic advice from lecturers and information support from Mr. Ho Thai Binh - Co-founder of SSVN - the students gradually solved problems to find practical solutions and meet the subject goals. The survey activities were carried out according to the instructions to locate the target audience and find the right segment for the product, creating an important premise for interesting discoveries.

Many creative ideas have been born during the learning process and are integrated into the Direct Marketing plan. From a variety of ideas, you have step-by-step specific to a variety of activities such as: organizing community events to attract the attention of target customers, methodical email marketing techniques or automated customer experience care processes...

In the role of Enterprise, Mr. Ho Thai Binh has had many positive reviews about your achievements. According to Mr. Binh: your ideas have many breakthroughs, creativity in approach and science in management methods.Each group has its own advantages that, if combined, will make the plan more complete. Your survey results and recommendations are valuable references for businesses in product development. In addition, you need to pay attention to clarify the "substance" of the activities as well as add feasibility when implementing ideas into practice.
Mr. Ho Thai Binh - SSVN - commented and appreciated the ideas of UFE students in Direct Marketing

The completed course marks a short but valuable experience. In addition to being given opportunities to create activities and serve the actual needs of community organizations/social enterprises, students also have more experiences about life and face many challenges to try breakthroughs. Mr. Le Hong Dac shared at the end of the report: "With the appreciation from the enterprise/organization, I am very proud of their learning efforts. The results of the analysis they have done have a lot of potential to become worthwhile scientific research if given the time to go deeper."
Community partners and faculty congratulate you on completing your presentation

This community service engagement activity has provided many practical challenges for stakeholders to learn from integrated experiences. Especially in Economics, there is also a certain difficulty in terms of expertise and specific differences between Media Enterprises and Social Enterprises/Non-Profit Organizations. Therefore, when implementing, it is necessary to support efforts from lecturers, there is a coordination of subject output with community service content. The short implementation time is also another challenge when students do not have the opportunity to participate in many academic reflection activities to increase the quality of learning for students. However, the innovative ideas that the students came up with during the process have greatly helped the community partners in reaching young people.

On behalf of TT .Ms. Dinh Nguyen Thien An also thanked you for daring to accept challenges and prove your ability. Participating in community engagement subjects is always more challenging, requires more effort, and the results are also more rewarding.

 UEF students complete their reporting sessions with a spirit of service

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