SL/CEL Course

Emotional touches, News Reporting & Feature Writing summary

Recently, UEF Public Relations students have an interesting and emotional Service - Learning class summary - News Reporting & Feature Writing. Each product and presentation created by student groups is a synthesis of subject knowledge that demonstrates their maturity when participating in community projects. This is a community service activity developed by the Center for Community Connection in collaboration with the Faculty of Public Relations - Communication that incorporates community service into the school subject.

Students proudly present their academic accomplishments

Following their "embedding" with community initiatives, students presented their findings in groups at the end of the session. The process of coming up with ideas, conducting interviews, and disseminating information was also discussed. These educational accomplishments were vividly displayed through infographics and short videos.

Community partners appreciate and recognize UEF students' contributions.

The products presented by the groups are highly regarded, especially when it comes to conveying positive messages. In which some groups employ good editing techniques, specific scenes, and music to achieve a variety of positive emotional effects.
Dr. Nhan Cam Tri – Vice Principal of the school highly appreciates the efforts of teachers and students in the project.

The course was divided into four classes led by UEF instructors, including Master Nguyen Xuan Duc, Master Hoang Mi, Master Ho Thi Xuan Huy, and Master Dinh Nguyen Thien An. Students enrolled in this course are divided into 15 groups and assigned to work on a different topic each. Following the presentations, the teachers praised the groups' collaborative attitude. Furthermore, teachers provided professional advice to students as well as development guidance with the goal of assisting the community, and so on. 

Teachers give professional feedback to students
In fact, in addition to getting high - quality news and journalism, students in those programs can learn many important life skills as well as develop maturity in their thinking and perspective. From working sessions with community partners, students also draw meaningful messages to people through journalistic works and reportage.

Students are given certificates of completion of the community course.

According to Dr. Nhan Cam Tri, Vice President of UEF, the application of the Service - Learning model into school subjects is a unique form of learning that the school has recently focused on deploying. This method of instruction will assist students in gaining professional knowledge while also putting it into practice to assist the marginalized groups. Each student will then plant their own emotional seedlings and gain a new perspective on community issues.
The activity is supported by the Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS), an organization that receives funding from the Irish Aid Authority (Irish Aid).
News: Quyen Cuong, Photos: Media Team