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From UEFers to community service “Agency”

Recently, UEF students who participated in the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) class have successfully presented their capstone projects. The presentation of the IMC class, which is a community-integrated subject, was held in the presence of Mr. Le Hong Dac - the lecturer of the IMC class, and the representatives from social enterprises (a.k.a community partners), including The Home of Childhood, the Vietnamese Bamboo.
UEF students presented their communication plans
Over the course, students learned the community targets from community partners, conducted business analysis and business research, and applied specialized knowledge to develop marketing-communication plans. As a result, community partners were impressed by the professional and creative communication plans of UEF students.
Mr. Le Hong Dac - the lecturer of IMC subject
The representatives of social enterprise - The Home of Childhood

Their presentations showed their understanding of community partners’ needs. They covered every aspect in their analysis, such as core values, the advantages, and the disadvantages of the partners. Therefore, they were able to suggest feasible plans.
Mr. Nguyen Anh Luan - Co-founder of the Home of Childhood - praised: “Listening to your presentations, I feel like I am meeting with a professional advertising agency.”
Mr. Dinh Ngoc - the representative of the Vietnamese Bamboo -  added that the plans of UEF students opened new possible developments, and they will consider operating these plans in the future.
Mr. Nguyen Anh Luan - the founder of the Home of Childhood.
Mr. Dinh Ngoc Trong - the director of the social enterprise Vietnamese Bamboo
 Commemorative photo at the end of the presentation
The course ended with satisfactory outcomes that contributed to the community-service journey of the social enterprises.

This activity received support from the Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) - the organization sponsored by Irish Aid.

News and photos: the Center of Service-Learning
Translator: Kieu Thi Thu Trang