SL/CEL Course

Integrating Community service activities into Brand Management


On the morning of June 25th, Brand Management subject integrating Service - Learning activities instructed by MSc. Ly Dan Thanh - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics, took place with a very special closing ceremony.
After the collaboration with Bamboo, a Vietnamese Company, and Ibsen Tiny Stage, it was time for the UEF students to present their group's research on the marketing plan for the two brands mentioned above.
Accompanying with the class was Dr. Nhan Cam Tri - Vice President of the University, Mr. Dinh Ngoc Trong - Representative of Vietnam Bamboo Company and Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Bao Dung - Representative of Ibsen Tiny Stage.
Teachers and Business Representatives listened to students' reports
In the report, the students showed their youth and enthusiastic spirit for the community through logo ideas, slogans as well as Communication activities for non-profit organizations with the price of "0 VND", yet still effective. 
UEF students presented Marketing plans for Brands
To come up with these interesting marketing plans, not only did the students apply the knowledge they have learned from the subject (6 elements to build a brand, the IMC model, and the SWOT model to analyze the characteristics of community units, and propose ideas for promotion and brand marketing), but they also directly experienced interesting and rewarding activities with enthusiastic support from community partners.
Listening to ideas from the UEF students, Ms. Dung - Representative of Ibsen Tiny stage expressed her joy and happiness: "I was surprised by the creativity and insight of the students. There are very interesting issues that Ibsen has never thought of, but you guys could realize those. This has brought enormous benefits to the development of the Ibsen in the future.”
Ms. Dung - Representative of Ibsen Tiny Stage expressed her joy with UEF students
Along with Community partners, Mr. Nhan Cam Tri also shared: “Integrating the Service - Learning model into the subject was an extremely effective teaching method for both teachers and students. This was a great opportunity for students to share their views and come up with their unique creative ideas for businesses. The lessons in class are no longer just a theory but have been applied in practice.
Mr. Nhan Cam Tri thanked and praised the students for their great efforts
Although it was the first class to apply the Service - Learning method, the students showed a proactive spirit, an eagerness to learn, and completed the project as planned. With this achievement, they had the right to be proud of being one of the pioneering generations who had been trained to become citizens with professional skills and responsibility to serve the community, in line with current business trend: “Reasonable profit and Sustainable development”. 
Commemorative photo with UEF students to end this interesting course
The activity was supported by the Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) - an organization that receives aid from the Irish Aid Authority (Irish Aid).


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