SL/CEL Course

​“Internal and community public relations” - Continuing the practical learning journey

Continuing the mission of promoting learning associated with community service, in semester 2B of the 2021 - 2022 school year, the UEF Service - Learning Center of Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance coordinate with the Faculty of Public Relations - Communications to continue the process of integrating community service activities into the subject "Public Relations: internal and community". Unlike hypothetical exercises, students directly work with relevant partners to learn about their topic and produce the final product, an "internal communication publication" for each topic.
The course is taught by Master Hoang Mi - Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Public Relations - Communications, Head of Public Relations. She is one of the pioneering lecturers in integrating the Service - Learning model into subjects at UEF. 132 students, 04 classes, 18 media publications are the results and pride after a process of teaching and training.
After a process of studying and researching, the students produce the most complete publications

In semester 2B, there are a total of 18 topics divided into 3 main groups for students to choose from. Specifically, this includes a group of topics about the Service - Learning Center, active community projects and the Center's strategic partners. In addition to closely following the main content required by the lecturer in the course output products such as: news, featured stories, photo reports, reflections, etc., along with enthusiastic support from partners and the UEF Service-Learning Center, the students unleashed their creativity in their publications to produce the most perfect final product.

Ms. Hoang Mi, representative of the UEF Service - Learning Center and partners listened to presentations from student groups

After more than 6 weeks of accumulating knowledge and applying it to the publication process, the most passionate media publications have been released. The presentation and publication launch not only featured creativity in the product, but was also extremely interesting as the students flexibly varied their presentation style to increase the appeal of their publication. With the goal of producing the most perfect publication and putting it into practical use, the students constantly listen and improve from the contributions of Ms. Hoang Mi, representative of the UEF Service-Learning Center and related partner representatives. 

In addition to the professional knowledge accumulated through the classroom learning process, the experiences gained during the publication process are also a valuable lesson for each student. All of these lessons are highlighted in the "Reflection" section at the end of each publication. This is also one of the typical activities demonstrating the Service - Learning spirit in this subject.

“Through this publication, I learned a lot from the initial steps of building the publication. I learned how to edit content and what it's like to work with an organization in reality" - A deep reflection sharing from Chuc Ly of the Love Pulse publication group.

“Through this project, I learned more about respecting each other's opinions, listening, and sharing based on the spirit of team building. At the same time, I knew how to persuade, how to express and defend my point of view in front of the crowd. In addition, I also learned how to organize a team closely, scientifically and have unity in working stages" - Shared by Le Thi Diem Quynh of Home of Joy publication group.

"In the process of completing this publication, it has helped me better understand how to work in groups, approach many new things, and learn many lessons from working with colleagues in the Center" - Phi Long from Children's Smile publication group.

The subject "Internal and Community Public Relations" combined with the Service-Learning model has brought students an exciting practical learning experience. Indeed, there are many difficulties to face, but we are confident that our students have truly completed their tasks very well and supported the journey of promoting learning associated with community service at Service-Learning Center in particular and UEF in general.

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