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“News and writing news”: The first subject at UEF integrated into Service – Learning project

Recently, the project “Writing news and making media videos for Happy Sun Bakery”  has been officially completed. This is an activity that integrates into the first subject at the University of Economics and Finance (UEF) – “ News and Writing news” ( course code JOU1101) that led by Ms. Hoang Mi from the  Public Relations and Communication Department.
Participating in the project, UEF students planned directly and carried out the process of writing news and created video clips for the Happy Sun Bakery, which is associated with the Nhat Hong Center for the Nhat Hong Visually Impaired Support Center. The news articles and videos produced by the students were evaluated by the lectures and the Service-Learning Center, contributing to their midterm grades.

Sister Le Thi Kim Phung – The director of Nhat Hong Center is introducing the overall of the center

One of the first activities of the project took place on November 30, 2018. In  the  “ News and Writing News” class, the students met and exchanged ideas with sister Le Thi Kim Phung. In this session, sister Phung shared stories about the establishment and activities of the center, emphasizing the communication support needed for the Happy Sun Bakery.

Students and lecturers of the subject “ News and writing news ” are listening to stories about Happy Sun Bakery

Happy Sun Bakery is a business of Nhat Hong center which was established to provide employment and income for visually impaired and low-vision individuals. The current challenge facing the bakery is a lack of personnel dedicated to marketing and business management. As a result, the bakery's operations have not generated significant profits, and it remains relatively unknown. Therefore, the timely contribution of UEF students in the role of communication has brought tangible value to the bakery's development.
After the introduction session, UEF students participating in the project were divided into two groups. They participated in training sessions on teamwork and social media communication skills conducted by communication expert Truong Doan Huynh Long. These training sessions aimed to equip students with additional skills and essential knowledge to collaboratively plan communication strategies, reach the right audience, and create a ripple effect. Additionally, students explored various aspects of the lives of visually impaired individuals, their resilience, and their capabilities through authentic insights shared by Nguyen Tuan Tu, a former visually impaired student from a prestigious university.

Training with communication expert – Mr. Truong Doan Huynh Long

Mr. Truong Doan Huynh Long is sharing about the life of visually impaired people

On December 12, 2018, project members held a meeting at Happy Sun. During this session, they received updates on the facility's operations and additional guidance from the Sisters on how to communicate with visually impaired individuals working at the bakery. This was an important activity to provide participants with more information for their communication products.

UEF students are working  with community partner

They are having a lively discussion about the communication plan

After a lot of effort and specialized activities, during the project's final session, the communication products of the students were also introduced. This included a fan page and various articles and video clips showcasing the products of Happy Sun Bakery. Differing from other communication products, in these articles and videos, UEF students conveyed their emotions and sentiments towards Happy Sun Bakery. There were surprises, admiration, and expressions of support for the efforts and positive spirit of the visually impaired individuals. For example, in the article titled "A Little Sun in the Heart of Saigon," there is a passage that reads, "Located at 18 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Happy Sun Bakery has quietly existed amidst the hustle and bustle of the city for many years. It stands out not only for its diverse pastries but also for the talented and determined bakers." Or in the article "When I Close My Eyes Like They Do", a student shares, "I just want to pause for a moment to reflect on myself, think about the experiences I've experienced, and review my own shortcomings. And I understand that there is no flaw as daunting as the flaw of lacking in one's own personality".

UEF students are receiving certificates of project completion

It is known that to build upon the achievements of the project, after the Lunar New Year, the "Service-Learning Leadership Network" will implement various activities to continue supporting the marketing efforts for Happy Sun Bakery.
News and Photos: Service-Learning Center