SL/CEL Course

Report on the subject integrating Service-Learning. Transition and finishing process

In the context of an increasingly evolving and diverse media environment, building an effective communication strategy is extremely important. On that basis, on the morning of October 23, the final report session "Strategic Planning and Public Relations Program Management" took place in accordance with the requirements of the course.
03 groups of students with lecturers and partners marked memories with the integrated service-learning course

Attending the report, in addition to the students of the subject, was also the presence of Mr. Le Nguyen Khang - Founder and Director of the social enterprise FLASH VN. On the side of Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance (UEF), there is an MSc. Nguyen Thi Bich Van - Deputy Head of the Faculty of Public Relations and Communications, subject instructor, MSc. Tran Thi My Phuong - Director of the Center of Service-Learning (CSL) and Ms. Huynh Kim Phung - Coordinator of CSL.
From left: Ms. Huynh Kim Phung - Coordinator of Center of Service-Learning; Mr. Nguyen Nguyen Khang - Founder of FlashVN; Ms. Tran Thi My Phuong - Director of Center of Service-Learning; Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Van - Deputy Head of Department of Public Relations and Communication, Instructor.

After more than 2 months of learning and practicing with enthusiastic "inspirers", 03 groups of UEF students have come up with the most creative and exciting projects. Each group has different criteria and titles, but in the end, they all point toward a meaningful community organization.

Group 2 opened the report with the communication message "Fast technology, solid education", thereby improving digital skills for target groups of teachers, pupils, and students. Next is group 5 with the message "Lightning - master teaching tools in the blink of an eye". Finally, the Ni group with the campaign "Nurturing Vietnamese Talent" aims to introduce and reach beneficiaries who are pupils, students, and teachers at secondary schools, high schools, colleges, and universities. Through the steps of SWOT analysis, macro-micro context, along a large and flexible scale of operations, the groups also offer a variety of communication channels to help Flash VN reach a large number of beneficiaries. more widely through each communication activity.

Mr. Nguyen Khang shared, "The groups are very creative beyond my initial expectations. Many of your ideas are very good which Flash VN has never thought of. The ideas are realistic and the analysis process is flexible. However, from the perspective of being a student, you cannot avoid limitations, but that does not affect your efforts and diligence in preparing ideas, this is something I appreciate".

Comments and suggestions from partner representatives help students perfect their products in the best way

In the context of today's digital technology age, planning a communication strategy is extremely important, because it helps businesses shape their future development direction. The communication campaign for Flash VN implemented by the groups was built based on specific strategies and detailed plans, aiming to reach a broad target audience.

In addition to applying learned knowledge to perform community exercises, groups also have the opportunity to share thoughts and feelings through making "reflection" video clips. This is another interesting exercise in the course output requirements, student groups record their thoughts, feelings, and lessons learned in the form of recording clips and making podcasts.

“I feel that participating in this project is a very meaningful journey, it allows me to not only apply the in-depth knowledge of communications that I have learned but also to contribute to a meaningful goal for the non-profit organization. Thank you everyone for accompanying us throughout the project implementation process and for supporting technology education in the community" - student Lan Huong of the Ni group shared.

“One thing that I feel the best about is the fact that we can directly contact with Center of Service-Learning. So when we come up with good ideas when we have difficulty finding information, it is easy for us to contact businesses and organizations" - student Tam Nhu of group 2 shared.

End the journey with a certificate of course completion

The course ended with many different levels of emotions. Memories of participating in the course are surely engraved deep in the hearts of each student and are beautiful memories on the journey of contributing youth and creativity to society. Surely, after finishing this course, you can apply effective and quality learning methods to practical operations, spreading positive values ​​to the community in the future.
News: Anh Ngan
Photo: Yen Chi