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Sketchnote For Good Season 4 Summary - Goodbye to a Colorful Journey

A brilliant season of Sketchnote For Good 2022 with the aim of connecting the community by thinking about visualizing documents has officially ended with the journey of spreading love and serving the community of the Service-Learning Center. On January 6, the Sketchnote For Good project and representatives from the Service-Learning Center gathered to summarize season 4. With the style of "press conference" and the dedication of a group of young students. To coordinate the project, the members had the opportunity to sit down and listen to a lot of meaningful things from each other's experiences, thereby understanding the project through the results reports of members from many Operational Committees.
Sketchnote For Good project members share their journey when participating in the Sketchnote For Good project season 4

The project's thanks to Ms. My Phuong - Deputy Director of the UEF Community Connection Center (center) and Ms. Kim Phung - Coordinator of the UEF Community Connection Center (right).

During the season 4 trip, the Sketchnote For Good project was fortunate to receive the companions of 31 project members, along with Ms. Huynh Kim Phung - Coordinator of the UEF Center Service-Learning (UEF CSL), Ms. Tran Thi My Phuong - Deputy director of the (UEF CSL) and its Small Theater partners IBSEN, MSD United Way Vietnam, Trust Organization. On the side of the IBSEN Small Theater partner, the project has drawn 52 images in the form of cards. The detailed content is provided by Ms. Dung (the representative of IBSEN Small Theater partner) with pictures and stories. Those are inspirational stories that Dung will use to interact with players with psychological problems. On the partner side MSD United Way Vietnam, the project visualized 3 stories sent to the project by the partner. Each story revolves around difficulties and obstacles in the lives of children and adults when they do not have a birth certificate because previous conditions do not allow it. The goal of these publications is to spread the message about the importance of birth certificates and to serve as a communication stepping stone for the organization's fundraising Workshops series. From the Trust Organization partner, the project has successfully visualized 16 volumes of poems about soft skills for children. The content of the collection of poems was sent to the project by Ms. Phuong Dung (founder of the Trust organization - partner representative).

The moment of "showing off the finished product" that you have worked so hard for all this time

The new point marking season 4 of the Sketchnote For Good project is the development of the Communication Department. From September 2022 to now, 28 media products have been completed properly, bringing a lot of interaction through posts about the Workshop series, member journeys, and Christmas events at the Pleasure Foundation. Believe. This has contributed to increasing the awareness of the project in the eyes of students and stakeholders.

In addition, the project always emphasizes training activities through an internal training series of 07 sessions held throughout the project. document. During and after each training session, you have practice exercises with a variety of topics. From there, students can explore all their potential in the field of sketchnote as well as improve the necessary soft skills for themselves. Not only that, but you have shortened the distance and increased the cohesion through each such face-to-face meeting. With a culture of sharing and cohesion, although the project is operating under different departments, there is no distance between people.
Every annual meeting always has a small tea break for project members

In addition, for more than 3 months now, the Sketchnote For Good project has gone through many different stages with the Workshop series "Drawing colors - Get happiness" including outstanding workshops such as: "CASETOM - Custom your case", “CANDRAW - Draw your canvas” and “SKETCHNOTE - Sketch your note” jointly worked with a partner named Workshop “Small brush strokes to draw big dreams” thereby approaching and attracting many partners with a series of projects. fellow students. With the goal of fundraising and financial autonomy, the project has reached the goal with an impressive revenue of "7 digits" and received positive feedback from Workshop participants. At the same time, the satisfaction level of the two Workshop series above reached 4.84 on a 5-point scale, confirming that students are very satisfied with the topic and the service of the organizers. Fundraising profits from the above 2 Workshop series were used by the Sketchnote For Good project for Christmas activities at Faith Foundation and contributed to MSD United Way Vietnam to support undocumented children. The remaining funds are used as funds for community service activities.

Collective members of the project together receive the certificate for past efforts

Experiencing many activities under the roof of Sketchnote, the members have gone hand in hand and bonded together, creating "very own" values ​​and realizing the community-building journey. All of that has resulted in an unexpectedly successful season of Sketchnote For Good. With the spirit of "The end is a new beginning", the Sketchnot for Good will come back and bring in more perfection with the goal of conquering a new journey, drawing more mature steps in the future. The Sketchnote For Good project does not forget to express its sincere thanks to all the students who have given great interest, participation, and support in the past activities, do not forget to look forward to us in season 5. coming soon.
News: Thuy Vy, Anh Thu
Photo: Le Huy