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Summary of Sketchnote For Good season 4 - A farewell to a colourful journey

Another glorious season of Sketchnote For Good 2022 aiming to connect community by material visualization thinking has officially ended with the journey to spread love and serve society of Center Service-Learning UEF. On 06/01, Sketchnote For Good with the representative from Center Service-Learning UEF met to recap the season 4. With a “newspaper” style and earnest students coordinating the project, most members had a chance to sit down and listen to each other stories, then they understand more through the result report from members of different sections.
Sketchnote For Good’s members shared about their own journey since joining Sketchnote For Good season 4

Thanks to Ms. My Phuong - Director, Center of Service-Learning UEF (UEF CSL) (middle) and Ms. Kim Phung-Coordinator, Center of Service-Learning UEF (right)
Throughout season 4, Sketchnote For Good fortunately was accompanied by 31 members, Miss Kim Phung - Coordinator, UEF CSL, Miss Tran Thi My Phuong - Director, UEF CSL and many partners IBSEN Tiny Stage, MSD United Way Viet Nam, Trust Organization. For the IBSEN Tiny Stage, the project has done 52 card-like pictures. Detailed information was provided with pictures and stories by Miss Dung (representative of IBSEN Tiny Stage). They are inspiring stories that Miss Dung uses to interact with mental patients. For MSD United Way Viet Nam, the project has visualized 3 stories sent by them. Every story was about problems, and difficulties in children's and adult's lives when they do not have a birth certificate because the conditions were not met. The goal of the product is to spread the message about the importance of birth certificates and is a reputation burst for the fundraising workshop series. For the Trust Organization, the project has successfully visualized 16 poems about soft skills for kids. The poem contents were sent by Ms. Phuong Dung (Founder of Niềm Tin Organization - the representative).

The “showing finished product“ moment everyone worked for all that time.
The milestone of Sketchnote For Good season 4 was the development of the Media Section. From 09/2022 to now, 28 media products were well completed, bringing back many interactions from posts of workshop series, of the member’s journey, and of the Christmas Event at the Trust Organization. This helped to raise the recognition of students and the related parties.
Aside from that, the project always prioritizes training activities through inside training including 7 classes organized during the project, and specialized training happens before working. During and after every training, students always have practical exercises with various topics. Since then, students can explore their potential in sketchnote areas and also enhance necessary soft skills. Not only that, they become closer and closer with each offline meeting. With a sharing and connecting culture, even though the project works in a lot of different sections, there is no distance among everyone.

Every usual meeting always has a small tea break for the members.
Besides, during 3 months, Sketchnote For Good has gone through different levels with a series of workshops “Draw Color-Receive Happiness” including well-known workshops such as: “CASETOM - Custom your case”, “CANDRAW - Draw your canvas” and “SKETCHNOTE - Sketch your note” cooperating with partner called workshop “Small Line Draw Big Dream” which attracted more acquaintance and more students. With the goal of fundraising and independent of finance, the project achieved an impressive outcome consisting of “7 numbers” and got a lot of positive feedback from participants. Simultaneously, the satisfaction level of the 2 workshop series above reached 4,84 on 5 further confirming that students are pretty satisfied with the topics and the service of the organizer. Fundraising profits from the 2 workshop series above were used for the Christmas Event at the Trust Organization and donating to MSD United Way Viet Nam Organization to help children without birth certificates. The remaining ones were used as funds for the service-learning community activities.

Members got certificates together for their efforts
Experiencing many activities under the same house Sketchnote, the members worked together, created “unique” values, and materialized the service-learning journey. All of that made an oversuccessful season Sketchnote For Good. With the “Every ending is a new beginning” spirit, Sketch will come back and be a more perfect image with a new goal for the new journey, and continue to grow in the future. Sketchnote For Good also wants to give thanks to every student who followed, joined, and supported our activities. Please expect our next work in the incoming season 5.
News: Thuy Vy, Anh Thu
Photos: Le Huy