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UEF IT Students handed over products of Web Design subject for Ai Linh Charity School.

On the morning of April 28th, over 30 students from the University of Economics and Finance (UEF) Information Technology (IT) Faculty participated in the Website Handover Session at Ai Linh Charity School. This is the activity of the Web Design subject, which is instructed by MSc. Tran Thanh Cong and jointly organized by Community Connection Center.
During the handover session, UEF students ran two thoughtful activities for the children: play stalls and a training session on “Being safe when using social media”.
Prior to the event, students from the Service-Learning project collaborated with IT Faculty students in order to ensure a smooth and enjoyable activity. The dual aim of providing fun for children and spreading positive messages to them motivated the UEF students to promote their creation and design lots of suitable activities. Despite the difficulty, with a love for children and a desire to contribute to the community, UEF students successfully executed the planned activities.

The students are making plans to prepare for the activities at the handover session

Well-informed about the visit, over 200 children of Ai Linh Charity School looked forward to the UEF students’ arrival. From the beginning of getting acquainted, mutual understanding between UEF students and the children was gradually fostered. The small yard of Ai Linh School was filled with joy from both the children and UEF students.

Lecturers, and UEF students participating in the activities with children

Taking place concurrently with the game activities was the seminar “Being safe when using social media”, aiming to give the children useful skills when using social media platforms. Although the topic seemed simple, the students had difficulty in analyzing the subject and selecting an expression that was easy to understand and suitable for children. After the training activity, the children became more aware about risks on the Internet and learned how to protect themselves against dangers and got used to how to use social networks safely.

Huynh Ngoc Yen Nhu is presenting the seminar “Be safe when using social media”

The children are enthusiastically participating in the seminar
The main activity of the handover session was the report on the process of the website construction and design by two student groups from the Web Design subject. Although their approaches were different, both products demonstrated logical structures and aesthetic appeal. Throughout the process, they showed their abilities as well as the persistent effort in analyzing and evaluating the community partners’ demands and applying expertises to solve them.
Huynh Ngoc Yen Nhu – The leader of group 1 shared about her decision to join the service community on the subject: “I feel this is a truly useful and meaningful activity. It’s useful because when we participated in a course that involved community service, my group had to think to put ourselves into the context of the community organization. This helps us understand the demands from the partners and provides invaluable experiences  for my future work. It’s meaningful because I can see my group’s achievements benefiting the community, which are not mere exercises”.

UEF students are presenting the website design’s process for Ai Linh School

Soeur Nguyen Ngoc Trinh – The principal of Ai Linh Charity School said, “Ai Linh School and I appreciate your creations. The design layout of the 2 websites is bright, clear, and conveys our school’s messages. These products will enhance the effectiveness of Ai Linh School's activities, spreading awareness about their values in order to appeal to other parties to assist in creating a better learning environment for students in Ai Linh School. In addition, I also believe that the products developed and improved today will achieve further collaboration and perfection”.

UEF students completed the website handover session

The successful ending of the handover session also opens new opportunities, which provide a lot of meaningful practical experiences for the students as well as continued cooperation between Ai Linh Charity School and UEF.

News and photos: Community Connection Center