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UEF Students sending positive affirmations to people with cerebral palsy

To raise social awareness of cerebral palsy (CP) as well as create a safe place where people with CP can connect and integrate, the Faculty of Public Relations and Communications has organized an online workshop named Outside the Door Frame.
This workshop is the product of students joining the Event Management class, which is a community-engaging subject taught by Mr. Phan Bao Giang - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Public Relations and Communications. The content received advice from the experts of Cerebral Palsy Family Association Vietnam (CPFAV) and technical support from Canh Cung Media.

The workshop spreads positive affirmation toward people with CP

The Door Frame image sent a message to remind people of an open arm to let CP people spread their wings, step out of “the door frame”, and be social inclusion.
At the beginning, Ms. Dinh Thi Thu Hao - parent of Nguyen Mai Anh, a grown-up CP, shared her emotional insights. As a mother, the moment she learned that her child was diagnosed with CP she experienced an emotional crisis. Overcoming the hardness, she has accompanied her child through the maturation process with unconditional love, knowledge of communication psychology, and support from CPFAV.
Ms. Dinh Thi Thu Hao and student Nguyen Mai Anh shared their emotional insights

Meanwhile, despite a happy childhood, Nguyen Mai Anh, a senior at Hanoi Law University, faces the misconception that “All people with CP have an intellectual disability” as she matures. Instead of dwelling on the disappointment, Mai Anh keeps fighting for the recognition she deserves with a practical approach to changing social cognition. Her choice to pursue a career at Hanoi Law University stemmed from the objectives of promoting equity for the CP community and herself.
UEF students sang for CP community

As a sign of empathy, UEF students interacted actively and sent words of encouragement to the CP community. Keywords such as respect, confidence, perseverance, integration, extraordinary you, etc. were used to show the cognition of UEF students.
UEF students interacted actively and sent words of encouragement to the CP community

Besides the online workshop, Outside the Door Frame organized community activity for those who care can show their support with realistic actions. One week ahead of the main activity, UEF students had fervently shared related posts on social platforms in pursuit of conveying words of encouragement to the CP community. This activity had received 14 millions VND donation to CPFAV from the beloved UEF lecturers.
The pre-workshop activity received a lot of interaction

The activity wrapped up with apparently impressive results from both the media and quality perspectives. UEF students have shown their amiable nature and zealous participation in community activities. The significant effect is a positive sign motivating the CP community to step out of the Door Frame, explore the world, and indulge in the sentiment.
This activity is organized by seniors of Communication Technology major at the Faculty of Public Relations and Communication and a part of Event Management - a community-engaging subject taught by Mr. Phan Bao Giang. This activity was a success thanks to the sponsor of Irish Aid in Vietnam (IrisAid) and the Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS).
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Translator: Kieu Thi Thu Trang