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​What is special about For The Children’s Smile’s trip to From Kind Hearts Home?


Last March, the project For The Children’s Smile - from the Center of Service-Learning of the University of Economics - Finances TP.HCM (UEF CSL) visited From Kind Hearts Home. The meeting was an opportunity to meet and talk with the kids, and to discuss the teaching program with the accomplice.
Members of For The Children’s Smile arrived early in the morning to prepare for the trip

On an early morning of Sai Gon, For The Children’s Smile’s fully energized members were ready for a memorable trip. Over 50km - A distance that is hard to say far or near. However, this is a chance for the members to meet all the children, after a time they can only see each other through the computer's screen.

After a 2-hour trip, For The Children’s Smile was presented at From Kind Hearts Home. At the meeting, we not only listened to the feedback about the protocol, and lesson study, but also children’s expectations for the new season.

One small secret, our teaching group had some super awesome “techniques” to help the kids relax and honestly share their emotions. To not miss out the team’s interesting activities, please follow in the footsteps of For The Children’s Smile!

First thing first, The Children’s Smile created a friendly atmosphere with puzzle games, pass-the-ball-by-spoon games, and Three Stars Lost. From the shy at the beginning, the kids slowly became more accepting toward the members.
Fun group puzzle games with rewards increased the children’s agility
“Brothers, and sisters from For The Children’s Smile give me a feeling like we are a family” is a small kid’s talking. Those words are the reward for all the effort of the teaching team. Everything at the home became more bustling and lively because of all the laughter from both the children and the members.
The kids are excited to take part in many games.
After some light “warm-up” activities, For The Children’s Smile members and the kids prepared cookies and soda together. The combination of cookies’s sweetness and soda’s coolness helped us forget the extreme heat in Binh Duong.

These activities also helped the children to learn a new recipe and practice the working in groups skill - an important soft skill that is required in both studying and working.
The kids happily eat their works from the making soda activity

While playing with the kids, we were also cooking delicious dishes such as Xèo cake, fried fish balls, and beef salad. What made this meal special and meaningful was that Mom Hien - the main caretaker here, alongside the project’s members, prepared the food.
All members join hands to make lunch

The warm sight of everyone cooking and eating together makes it feel like we are a big family. From that, It makes the meal even more delicious and memorable.
Friendly faces bring out a friendly Sunday

After a short time working together, the kids could open up more about their feelings and experiences in learning with the Teaching Team in the last few weeks.
Besides the positive feedback about teaching activities from For The Children’s Smile, the kids want to have more offline classes with For The Children’s Smile members.
For The Children’s Smile’s members and the “little sunshine” at From Kind Hearts Home.

From those sharings, we could understand more about children’s wishes. The Children’s Smile will adjust and improvise our program to be more suitable for the children. This will help our teaching class become more practical, and give out many mental rewards for the community and the children in particular.
All of the above is from our trip “Come to listen, hear to understand” last March. The Children’s Smile’s trip to From Kind Hearts Home is successful and makes a lot of memorable moments.
News and photos: The Media Team of For The Children’s Smile