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​Kick-off of SheFuture competition: Inspiring students to "step forward, create new versions"

On the morning of November 1, the SheFuture - Startup Ideas 2023 competition was launched with the theme "Step Up - Step forward, create a new version". This is a playground organized by ForGood Vietnam in collaboration with the UEF Community Connection Center to encourage and develop creative thinking and create business inspiration among women. The kick-off event was organized with the support of the Executive Committee of the Faculty of Public Relations and Communications.

The SheFuture contest officially kicks off on November 1
Attending the program, on UEF's side, were: MSc. Bui Quang Dong - Head of Student Affairs Department, MSc. Tran Thi My Phuong - Director of the Center for Community Connection, PhD. Dang Anh Luc - Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Public Relations and Communications. On the side of WECV (Vietnam Women's Startup Community) are Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Huong - Chairman of the Executive Board, Ms. Bui Kim Loan - Vice Chairman of the Executive Board. ForGood Vietnam is represented by Ms. Tran Thi Ngoc Tran - Director.

Accompanying and sharing with UEF students are Ms. Uong Thu Ha - Founder of Hemera Edutainment, Ms. Mina Chung - Financial expert, Money with Mina community ambassador.
UEF representatives gave letters of thanks to the speakers

At the talk show during the kick-off program, speakers shared their startup stories and journeys of overcoming difficulties to motivate and inspire students.
The story of capital sources was also mentioned by two guests. Speaker Mina Chung emphasized that capital is not the only factor when starting a business, the important thing is that you need to have a passion for business and creative ideas to raise capital smoothly. In addition, Ms. Thu Ha added that the capital here can be considered as living capital, experience and soft skills that students need to practice and cultivate.

Many startup stories are shared to motivate students

Friends will have your questions answered and given direction when you want to start a business

The speakers also answered questions surrounding startup and business issues, helping students have a clearer direction before entering the start-up path.
At the kick-off, there was also the special appearance of booths of female-led businesses belonging to the Vietnamese women's startup community (WECV).

Booths of many start-up businesses are located at the program

With the messages conveyed, the talk show has helped UEFers, especially girls, have more confidence and motivation to register to participate in the SheFuture contest. The contest is for students studying at universities, academies, and colleges in the Southern region. You register to participate in teams (from 3 - 5 members), of which 50% are women, the contest will accept applications until November 29. UEFers quickly register to become excellent entrepreneurs!