SL/CEL Event

Mastering knowledge about the global cultural environment, students will have a "key to success"

In order to help students understand the essential psychological characteristics, attitudes, and habits contributing to their ability to adapt to foreign cultures and environments, absorb languages, utilize important qualities to solve problems, navigate the complexities of global communication, and steer towards success in diverse cultural environments, on March 30th, Center of Service-Learning UEF organized Talkshow "Communicating in Foreign Languages and Cultures: Keys to Success".
Talkshow provided UEFers much interesting information about the global cultural environment
Attending the program, there was Dr. Nhan Cam Tri - Vice Principal of the School, Ms. Tran Thi My Phuong - Director of Center of Service-Learning, along with UEF students.

Speaker shared many intriguing perspectives with the students was Mr. Tim Keeley, a professor specializing in Cross-Cultural Management in Japan, China, and Thailand. He had studied and could speak over 30 languages, had visited 99 countries for learning and understanding various cultures. He is also the owner of the Polyglot Dreams YouTube channel and the author of the famous book "A Life in 30 languages".
Speakers Receive Appreciation Letters and Gifts from Organizers 
Opening the program, Dr. Nhan Cam Tri expressed gratitude to the speakers and congratulated the students for the opportunity to hear from international experts, gaining valuable knowledge and impressive perspectives. Besides, he emphasized that this talkshow would supplement practical knowledge for UEF students to apply in their future careers after graduation.
Associate Professor Nhan Cam Tri delivered the opening speech
Starting the sharing session, the experienced speaker provided UEFers with insights into working and integrating into multicultural environments, building confidence, and personal development in international settings. 

He addressed whether language is the biggest and only obstacle when working in international environments. He reiterated that language is the "golden key" to success in the era of Industry 4.0. Knowing an additional language opens up new horizons, connecting people, cultures, economies, and nations. Proficient language speakers often possess sharp minds, rich knowledge, and refined communication skills, enabling them to easily integrate into society and achieve greater success. Learning another language, students will be provided more career opportunities, especially in international, multicultural environments.

With their wealth of experience, the speakers brought fresh perspectives to UEFers

In a cozy and intimate atmosphere, the professor shared methods for adapting and working in multicultural environments, drawn from his own practical experience.
Additionally, UEFers actively engaged in Q&A sessions with the speakers using various languages such as English, French, Japanese, and German, demonstrating their eagerness to learn and break the limits of the new era's students.

UEFers directly exchanged their own inquiries and received enthusiastic responses from the speakers

The talkshow provided students with valuable information related to culture, communication, qualities, attitudes, and habits when learning foreign languages and working in a multicultural environment. It is believed that this will be a solid foundation to help students effectively apply their knowledge in bilingual international study environments and later in multinational corporations, foreign companies where they intern or work.
Vinh Thư
Photo: Khắc Tuấn