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Meaningful experiences at UEF's Community Project Day

In order to promote community activities and recruit members for projects at the beginning of the new school year, on the morning of September 27th, the UEF Community Connection Center has organized a Community Project Day.
The event was featured with the theme: Doing what you like - Liking what you do, attracting the attention and participation of the majority of UEF’s students. The festival took place with three main activities: booths, market session and new members recruitment.

An exciting Project Day with many interesting activities
The Project Day was attended by MSc. Tran Thi My Phuong - Director of the UEF Service - Learning Center, the staff of the Center along with 5 ongoing projects and many UEF students coming to experience and cast.
In terms of booth activities, this is a place for students to learn about the projects which are currently taking place and implemented by the Service - Learning Center. There are a total of 5 projects, including: Heart to Hand, Children's Smile, C4D, Student for Inclusion and Sketchnote for Good. Most projects focus on helping children who do not have the conditions to study. These projects aim to create interesting special curriculum specifically for children with disabilities, and providing volunteers for large projects outside the Center, ...

Community projects are "presented" to students through theater

Market activities are diverse with food areas, paper box collection booths, gift exchange booths and colorful fashion shops. All profits earned at the event are for the purpose of raising funds, implementing future social work trips as well as deploying better projects. Along with the activities is a series of games for UEFers to participate in, connect with each other, and receive small gifts filled with love from the Center. Through this, they will also understand more about the meaning and importance of community projects.

The booths were crowded with students coming to experience

Member recruitment activities for clubs took place at 3:00 p.m. on the same day. According to the Organizing Committee, the Center has received more than 500 online registrations to date.
First time participating in a meaningful festival like this, Nguyen Hoai Anh - a first-year student majoring in Human Resources Management, happily shared: "I feel like today's festival is very fun, the atmosphere is bustling with people. Lots of game booths and delicious food. I personally tried all the game stalls and received many gifts."
Hoai Anh also added: "I plan to register for the Communications department to become one of the pieces of the Sketchnote for Good project. I think this project has high community service, creating many playgrounds for children, so it is very meaningful."

Students brought home many gifts from challenging games

 Expressing her wishes for bringing her project to the festival, Tran Hoang Thuc Nhi - Head of the Advisory Board of the Children's Smile Project confided: "Through today's festival, I hopes that students will know more about community project - an activity that is of great interest to many people and plays an important role in university. Furthermore, I hope that those who participate in the festival will know more about the values that community project bring so that they can consider becoming members of the Children's Smile project in particular or other meaningful projects of the Service Learning "family" in general".

The Community Project Festival took place successfully

The festival atmosphere remained bustling until noon. The interviewing of candidates is gradually being prepared. Wishing all UEFers participating in casting projects will be confident, express their own opinions, show their spirit for the community and soon become a special piece of the community projects of the UEF Service - Learning Center.
Tấn Phát
Image: Media Team