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​"The Circle" continues the message of green living - New fashion next to old materials

 Dressing well, being fashionable, trendy, and shopping for fashion products following new trends continues to increase, leading to the problem of fast fashion causing heavy environmental pollution. Aware of the dark side of the garment industry and aiming to develop green fashion, the event series #TheCicle - Circular Fashion returns with extremely interesting and meaningful activities and game booths on the last October 27.

The event returned with the enthusiastic participation of UEF students

Receiving a positive response no less than the Talk show "Green Living, Stylish Beauty", #TheCircle event received a lot of participation from UEF students. The event is not simply a place for fun and entertainment, but also a place to spread messages and awareness of environmental protection. The event includes a series of activities with play areas, booths and product exhibition areas. Each stall will correspond to a different activity, all revolving around Circular Fashion and a sustainable green lifestyle suitable for the environment. From the game booth "Magic Fabric" - where UEF-ERs need to correctly answer questions about the fashion industry, to the "Intellectual Fashion" area - the game requires speculation and flexibility. convey the message of green living and reinforce knowledge about circular fashion for students. Not only that, #TheCircle offers an experience counter - the Workshop area "Sewing needles" so you can test your sewing skills and bring home recycled coasters made from beautiful fashion fabric.

Try your hand at answering questions with a bright smile
Pleating - overcoming obstacles with #TheCircle

Taking place in parallel with the game booths are the donated clothing exchange booth "Old people, new people", "Mix&match" challenge, UCS and exhibitions. At the exchange booth "Old people, new people", students contributed to donating old clothes, creating a new life for their fashion products that were thought to be thrown away. Coming to the "Mix&match" challenge, the organizers provide a playground to test the creativity and transformation of students. Each new outfit created from old pieces of fabric in the challenge made the event atmosphere more bustling than ever. One student humorously shared that "#TheCircle stage is like a runway, bringing a recycled fashion collection for this Fall and Winter season." Following the event with the UCS and exhibition area, this place displays unique fashion products from UCS partner - Urban Circular Space Saigon, partly bringing circular fashion inspiration to the event.

Small exchange stalls come with great meaning
The designer and her fashion model anxiously awaited the winning results

The trend of recycling in the fashion industry has been spread by #TheCircle through game booths and exchange stalls like that. The event successfully rescued items that were seemingly no longer in use and now have the opportunity to start a new reuse life cycle. This is a challenge and also an opportunity for young people to update and approach the green fashion industry and make that trend more popular.
News: Khanh Ngan
Image: Huyen Tran