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The journey to regenerate old clothes from a wardrobe to a community trip

After a long time working with attractive activities, The Circle campaign has completed a loving giving trip to Quang Ngai - which is also the final stage of this meaningful project. The Circle took place with many stages, successfully bringing the concept of "Circular Fashion" to reach students and spread the message of green living for the environment to the community.

The organizers are excited to start the first phase of the campaign

Opening the campaign during the time students of Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance. HCMC (UEF) started midterm exams, The circle faced many difficulties in accessing and attracting the participation of students. In addition, the staff also faced many challenges in the layout of the booth and management of project activities. Despite these obstacles, the campaign excelled in promoting social media posts with a reach of about 3,000 people, and up to 15,000 student emails were sent to communicate the event.

The first opening session of The Circle campaign was the talk show "Green Living - Beautiful Style" with the participation of Ms. Tran Thi My Phuong - Director of Service-Learning Center (UEF SLC) and the speaker, Ms. Tran Phuong Thao - Founder & CEO Hemp Oil - a fashion brand, sustainable interior design from hemp. The talk show event brought knowledge about green fashion, environmental protection, and the alarming realities of the fast fashion industry affecting the environment.

Talkshow with a large number of students participating in learning about green fashion

Following the Talkshow, UEF SLC in collaboration with Urban Circular Space Saigon (UCS) organized the event "The Circle - Circular Fashion" with many interesting booths and activities organized to create a playground combining many games and knowledge about circular fashion for UEF students. The booths are not merely theoretical knowledge but useful "learning by playing" activities such as magic fabrics, intellectual fashion, needle threading, and creative sewing workshops. Besides, the event opened the collection of clothes for the trip with a booth to collect old clothes. The collection stall is an indispensable contribution to the gifts given at charity trips in the next phase of the campaign. With this event, students had a new experience with "Circular Fashion", helping them to be more active in fashion activities in particular and environmental protection in general.

Many interesting and attractive stalls at the Circle event
Loving Sponsorship Station for Trips

Connecting the above stages, with the mission of creating development opportunities for the community, the "Give Love" trip belongs to The Circle event series on 25/11 at Ba To Township Primary School and Cao Muon Village Cultural House brought a wide range of emotions. The volunteer trip in Quang Ngai with a welcome stirred up the atmosphere with musical performances and games related to fashion - the environment was extremely exciting. The program has awarded 07 scholarships worth a total of 07 million VND to 07 students with disabilities. In addition, more than 300 children were also given super cute gifts such as teddy bears, toys, school supplies, candy, and notebooks,... prepared by UEF's students has brought practical benefits to local children.
                         Small circle but big meaning

The next destination of the event was Cao Muon Village, Ba Vinh Commune - where people and children live, where the delegation presented 20 gifts to poor households worth 300,000 VND / portion (including 5kg rice, 01 box of noodles, 01 bottle of fish sauce, 01 bottle of soy sauce,  1kg sugar, 01 bag of MSG and 01 bag of salt). In addition, students also opened the market "Old People - New Us" with a variety of products: clothes, accessories, children's toys,... to support people here and reuse old clothes to protect the environment. The program has received positive responses from children and has spread the message "Young fashion, healthy environment" to the community more.

Such activities to help the community are opportunities for volunteers to connect, build relationships, and create solidarity in volunteer work. In addition, the trip also creates opportunities to exchange, learn, and experience the culture of local people. From there, people understand the meaning and importance of supporting the community and are willing to continue contributing to society.

Immerse yourself with The Circle to bring love to children

The trip ended with fond memories and commendable deeds. During their time in the project, the team of volunteers has dedicated themselves to contributing to creating beautiful images and bringing joy and warmth to children and the local community.

Hopefully, these green, clean, and beautiful activities will continue to be developed and expanded, bringing more benefits to the community. Let's spread good values together and create positive changes for society, continue to make efforts, and dedicate ourselves to building a better society where people come together to support and share love.