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UEFers Adorned With "Cai Mon Rendezvous Point" at the Service-Learning Course Summary Trip

The Cai Mon rendezvous program with the theme Cho Lach Fragrance - Essence of Ben Tre held on June 24-25 in Cho Lach District, Ben Tre Province is an important milestone marking a successful season of the model Service-Learning geometry combines with subjects of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management to promote the experiential learning journey of UEF students.

Cai Mon rendezvous is the result of a group of students from 4 subjects in the Faculty of Tourism - Hotel Management including: Food and food processing, Psychology and communication skills in tourism, Tourism Marketing Management and Conference and Event Management. After a period of studying and gathering all the theoretical knowledge from the teachers at UEF, the program idea was gradually built and perfected after meticulous planning steps by the students to begin the program. The formula was deployed at the event at the recent 2-day-1-night trip to Cai Mon.
The program is run entirely by students
Department of Tourism and Hotel Management in Service-Learning subject

Baggage brings excitement

The bus departed for the meeting point of Lach Market, Ben Tre Province when the sun had not yet risen. More than 50 students were present with luggage and necessary tools required for the trip to serve the program and the biggest luggage is the excitement of the journey with the non-lecture class today.

The seats in the car are covered with the white shirts of the Faculty of Tourism - Hotel Management and the atmosphere is full of energy radiating from young souls. Accompanying on the way to the coconut land are not only friends and teachers but also the opportunity to meet and get to know special guests. Also present on the bus were Mr. Do Tuan Anh - Director of Vietmark Company; Ms. Luong Thi Mong Van - Director of Ho Chi Minh City branch, Asianway Travel Company; Mr. Nguyen Van Tam - Domestic Tourism Retail Sales Department, Saigontourist Travel Company; Ms. Nguyen Hoa Thuy Tien - Group Business Department, Viet Tourism Media Company.

With the mission of promoting culture and developing tourism in Vietnam in general and Cho Lach District in particular, the trip also featured the participation of 3 friends from the University of Pennsylvania in the US. The new experiences from the trip and the learning model integrating interesting community activities will be a special mark in the perspective of international students.

The companionship of international friends in the journey of promoting the country's tourism culture

During the more than 2 hours traveling from UEF to Cho Lach District, students listened, interacted and exchanged more knowledge related to local culture and tourism. Through each path a story will be told, adding new knowledge to your understanding.
Khi những bài học không còn nằm trên sách vở

When the lessons are no longer in books

“This was the first time I attended a very organized event organized by students, I could see the shadow of their success in the next few years. And I think this is a huge plus for UEF when it can turn classroom hours into practical lessons." - Mr. Do Tuan Anh, Director of Vietmark Company, praised UEF students when Witness all the preparation moments in each stage of the program. When recipes are presented on plates, when scripts are turned into stages, specific cultural features are integrated into each image and communication skills become words, it is also the time when the The students have completely understood the theories in those classes.

Amazed by the vibrant natural beauty of the scene at Rooster Mekong - the event location, the students enthusiastically began implementing the steps based on the tasks of each subject group. Closely followed at every step by professional instructors and the dedicated guidance of Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Thoai - Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, all arising problems are quickly resolved. to complete the most successful program.

The stage is eye-catching with meticulously prepared performances

Three new recipes created by teachers and students of the Food and Food Processing major are the special highlight of Cai Mon rendezvous. When seemingly familiar local specialties are transformed into eye-catching dishes with new, unforgettable flavors. Enjoying the richness of the food's flavor through your taste buds, the program also treats guests to a Western-style feast with vibrant performances from the Cai Mon airport, a rendezvous point by students. Conference and Event Management course preparation.

Under the unfavorable weather, when the drizzling rain continued for a long time, the work of welcoming and welcoming the guests was still carried out skillfully and smoothly by a group of students in the Psychology of Communication subject. travel, bringing the best experience to each guest when coming to Cai Mon rendezvous. Lee Ru Ye Laura - an international student from Singapore shared about her first experiences on this trip: "This is the first time I came to Cho Lach, I was really impressed with the cuisine of this region." , everything is diverse and fresh. In particular, I am very grateful to my friends from UEF and the local people who welcomed us so enthusiastically."

Touching moments of exchange and sharing 

Also in the program, the Cho Lach Fanpage built and developed by students of Tourism Marketing Management was also officially announced. This is the main media page established by students to share, promote and spread the cultural beauty of the land of Cho Lach - Ben Tre, which is known as the capital of seedlings and plants. scene in Vietnam.
Cai Mon rendezvous with the theme Cho Lach Fragrance - Essence of Ben Tre. The program ends with a discussion between experts and local representatives on tourism development directions of the land of seedlings - Cho Spleen in the future. The new recipes have been handed over to Rooster Mekong Resort and the Cho Lach Fanpage will also be handed over to local management after being stably maintained to continue the journey of spreading the flavor of Cho Lach.

Return journey

At the end of a day of experiential learning, UEF students will return to school to continue the path of acquiring knowledge for the future and applying the lessons learned from this trip. Before saying goodbye to Cho Lach, the UEF student group had a morning to visit the scene known as the "Kingdom of Nurseries" with countless gardens raising seedlings of households on both sides of the road. Diverse species of trees, flowers, and ornamental plants bring a great economic benefit to the people here. This tour has many new lessons and knowledge that perhaps no other lecture hall can do.

Visiting Cho Lach cultural village, students learn more stories and knowledge about the method of grafting trees and cuttings to breed unique tree varieties of the people here as well as learn about the living and living space. activities of people who raise seedlings in Cho Lach District. An energetic morning with many new things helps students and tourists have a new perspective on Ben Tre, a land that not only has coconuts but also many other special cultural spots.

Returning to UEF, more than 50 students brought with them attachment to the love of people and land here. I hope to one day return to this land, bringing many tourists to the countryside here. Along with that, I think about the journey full of roses but also very difficult that my teammates and I went through after this semester. Revisit valuable footage to gather experiences for your next journey.
News: Thanh Truc
Photo: Community Connection Center